Blade & Soul Online Review

PvP, Faction Battles, Guild System

Player Vs Player in Blade & Soul Online is a lot easier to get into but the combat is a lot harder master compared to other MMORPG's. The main reason that I said that PvP is easy to get into is because weapons in this game can't be enchanted. The armors aka Bopae can only be enchanted once per piece, which has an equalizing effect on the gear difference between veteran and beginner PvPers. Which also means that this game is heavily skill based when it comes down to small scale battles. Unfortunately, this game does not have Battlegrounds or an Arena system implemented in the game yet nor any rumors of it.

Faction War - Enemy Faction attack from above!

People are often confused about the faction system in Blade & Soul. Once you've level 21-22 and completed a certain main story quest you'll be given an option to pick a faction of your choice. After you pick a faction, you will be given a faction outfit. If you wear this faction outfit, you will auto flag yourself for faction PvP. There are also different kinds of PvP outfits like the ones you get from the main story and such. Those outfits are mainly used if players want to setup a 1v1 duel without any interruption of getting PK'ed by faction players. If you or your friend accidentally picked the wrong faction, then you can instantly switch to the other faction by paying a small fee and talking to an NPC in the same town where you first chose your faction. The only downside to switching sides is that you lose all of your PvP ranks.

PvP Faction War - An angry Kung Fu Master (me)!

Large scale PvP faction battle.

Leveling up your faction PvP rank is very important because you can unlock special kinds of equipment and special passive "Qing Gongs" skills like wall running. For those of you who are interested in forming a guild, it is a good idea to make one as early as possible because the points earned from PvP can be used to level up your guild! As of the moment, leveling up your guild only increases the amount of players that can join the guild. In the future, Blade & Soul Online will have a lot of guild perks like guild bank, custom outfits for your guild, guild skills, and etc. Lastly, you can only invite players of the same faction in the guild. If you're interested in learning more about PvP system and factions then feel free to check out one of my guildmate's PvP Guide.

Daily PvP Quests is a good way to level up your guild.

Faction PvP as Summoner.

Auction House, Crafting, & Making Money

The Auction House in this game is cross server, meaning that all of the servers shares one Auction House. Honestly, I find this whole sharing Auction House a bit trouble some because there are botters who can buy items in the AH faster than others. Yes, there are AH bots in this game. Another big problem with the whole share AH thingy is experienced when you pick a server that is heavily populated by bots. Check out this Destroyer bot fest video below if you don't believe me. With the cross server party system not implemented yet, a heavily bot populated server means that finding real players for you to party with will be harder. PlayNC Korea recently said that they banned bots a few days ago, but I recorded this video just today. I think PlayNC Korea needs to step up their game more, is it really that hard to go the place where I am and whip out the ban hammer?

Destroyer Bots fix it please?

Crafting is a big deal in Blade & Soul Online it's one of the best ways to make some quick cash. Make sure you keep your crafting leveled while you are grinding because it will net you a lot of money in the end. Once you have enough money saved up, I suggest investing money into gem crafting. Nothing too special with their crafting system other than it's a snore fest. You can only have two kinds of trade skills, so make sure you don't level up some random one that you end up abandoning half way through. Potion Making, Repair Hammers, Gem Crafting, and Bopae are the ones that will always be in high demand.

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