Blade & Soul Online Review

Action Combat, Combo, and Skill System Mechanics

One of the main reasons that players like myself enjoy playing Blade & Soul Online is because it has a very fun battle system. Players who watch videos of this game are often confused with the targeting system so let me explain how it works. First of all Blade & Soul is a semi-target action MMORPG, which means my character will auto lock onto a target that is in front of me. If I were to slightly turn to the right by a 20 degree angle, then I would still have that target locked on.Now if I were to perform a full 90 degree, then I would most likely lose control of my target. So if there are two targets stacked in front of me and I were to use a single target skill, it would target the one that is closer to me. If I were to use an AoE skill like the Kung Fu Masters Dragon Fist, it would hit both targets. Not up for the action combat? No problem! If you press the Shift+F2 key you can play this game Point and Click style.

Destroyer Gameplay

Blade & Soul has a very intense combo system because it's all about timing your skills in PvE and PvP. I really liked how the amount of skills I had on my character felt just right. I've always hated the fact that I had two or three sets of skills in other MMORPG's. Blade & Soul Online is one of those games where you would probably skill reset a lot mainly because you want to use the perfect builds for many different kinds of situations. There are a lot of skills in the skill tree menu and some of them enhance a skill that you have learned already; depending on the upgrade it will change the animation and effect(s) it does. For example, you can sacrifice extra damage on a skill if you want to add some kind of stunning effect on it. Then there are some new skills that you learn naturally through the skill tree like the Blade Master air combos. You'll be given a choice on which kind of air combo finisher you want to learn. You can only dream that there is ultimate skill build that will work for PvP and PvE. Unfortunately, it is necessary to skill reset if you want to play the game efficiently.

Half Moon Lake Tour Big Area.

No Healing Class, Just Tanking Like a boss!

Tanking in Blade & Soul is really hard due to numerous reasons. For one thing, this game doesn't offer any classes that can heal other players very efficiently. The only sustain is from a few skills, potions, and life leeching gems that only proc when you hit a critical hit. Holding aggro is a pain in the butt, whoever deals the most damage will most likely pull an aggro, which leads to team wipes, and then blaming begins. No, there are no toggle keys that you can press that will make you invincible for x amount of seconds nor is there a key that you can hold down to block for long periods of time. Blade & Soul is all about how fast you can react in between boss attacks and memorizing patterns. As a tank your main job is to memorize all of the patterns, so that you can deliver massive amounts of DPS to help you hold aggro at the same time evade and parry/counter all of the bosses attacks. Not all of the boss attacks can be countered or parried, so you must also use your evasion skills by double tapping ss key for back step and the qq or ee keys for the side step. Not to scare you guys away from this game, but that's just the way it is. Of course, none of this matters much when you're poking normal trash monsters.

My Blade Master friend tanking really well in our dungeon.

Leveling Impressions

Blade & Soul provided me with a lot of quests, most of them involved the usual kill mobs, collect items, and stuff. Sounds horrible right? I would have probably died of boredom but I survived through it because I had a bunch of instances to play around with while leveling up. I've only ran across a few problems while leveling and of them was running out of quests at certain levels. Then there is the level 43 mark, which is called the hell level. Once you're around level 43, the amount of quests you have will slowly diminish leaving you to grind a painful level 43 to 45. After the EXP patch was launched the amount of EXP needed to level up was halved, which was too late for players like me that went through all that trouble. It's a good thing that this game provides you with daily quests so even if you're not up for some grinding, you can just wait for your dailies to refresh and do them again the next day. PlayNC said that they will change the EXP rates in the English version of the game so I sincerely hope they fix the EXP rate of the last few levels of the game for the sake of Western audiences. I really don't mind it since I am a grind master but most MMORPG players hate to grind and like to be spoon fed. If the whole F2P thing is true, then I would really start to worry about the EXP system.

Destroying Stuff - Tanker missed blocking

oh No!

Graphics and Sound

Blade & Soul is powered by the Unreal Engine 3 so the world and characters are visually amazing. Each player made character is unique in its own way due to the crazy amount of sliders in the character creation process. Just to throw it in there, this game has three boob sliders! I guarantee that you will spend at least an hour creating your first character, that is if you want a unique and personalized look. Probably the second best character creation process for a MMORPG that I have ever played, with PSO2 being first. If you thought the graphics of this game looked nice from my HD 1080p videos, then you'll be more amazed when you've played the game yourself because Youtube nerfs my video quality. This game has spoiled me from reviewing and testing out other oriental games in South Korea because of the graphics alone. The only downside to the graphics is that the game does not have real time weather. Blade & Soul isn't very demanding when it comes down to graphics, so don't jump the gun and buy a new rig just for this game!

Blade & Soul Jungle Fever Wall Running & Stuff!

I'm not very picky when it comes down to my musical tastes and sound FX, there really wasn't anything that stood out for me in this game other than the enjoyable voice overs during cutscenes. BGMs fit perfectly well with the game's theme, except that the PvP battle music feels different. Then again it shouldn't matter just as long as it puts you in the "I'm out for blood and kill everything on sight!" mood right? Using disable skills such as trip, stun, and knock down on bosses makes you feel like you're playing some kind of slot machine game.

Want your girlfriend or wife to play the game? Try showing them the summoner class!