Soulworker Online Review of the 1st Closed Beta


Soulworker Online is one of few upcoming Anime titles that had a lot of hype over the past few years. The game is still being developed South Korea for quite some time now and to everyone's surprise, the title is going to be marketed in Japan first with Open Beta scheduled this year. Are you curious about the new changes of Soulworker Online? Be one of the first to read about it below!

Character Customization - Playable Characters 

The first beta offered three playable characters two female and one male. Starting with a Female Soulum Sword, a Male Gun Jazz, and a Female Mist Scythe. I believe the Open Beta will have three female characters and only one male, unless they're planning to release the hidden male character shown in teaser trailers. Character customization was a bit limited in this test and may improve on the next test. Moving on!

The World - Action MMORPG or Action MORPG?

Soulworker was advertised as an Action MMORPG since the early development phase of the game and a lot of fans have been following the game solely on that idea alone. Unfortunately, in late 2013 Lion Games announced it to be an Action MORPG and what players got, was the usual Action MORPG. You can check out both of the starting towns below. In the lobby town, players can craft items, learn skills, craft cards, upgrade equipment, pick up quests, form parties, dance, and more.

Gameplay - Action Combat

Soulworker Online features action combat with the usual W,A,S,D movement. Combat was pretty good, but not the best. The one thing that bothered me the most during the whole test was that I couldn't Sprint+Jump+Mid Air Attack. I can only perform aerial attacks by jumping or standard walking and jump, which was pretty lame. If you've played a lot of action combat games, then you should be able to adapt to this system easily. I'm sure most of you guys are curious about the dodging features. You can dodge boss attacks by pressing the shift and the direction of where you want dodge. Doing so will also grant your character a few milliseconds of invulnerability. You can party up with other players for special bonuses, but playing solo seemed a lot better due to the monsters HP scaling too much in a full party.

Stamina System - An Action MORPG's Best Friend

If you're familiar with the stamina or fatigue system in online titles, then you can probably skip this part. Like most Action MORPGS, Soulworker Online will also have a stamina or fatigue system that will prevent players from reaching the maximum level cap within a day. In other words, entering dungeons consumes an "X" amount of stamina. Once your stamina or fatigue bar is completely depleted, you're forced to play a 2nd character or log off. 

Card System - A Nice Add On

It was nice to seeing a card system in Soulworker Online. Killing random bosses and monsters will grant a player a special material to craft a card for that type of mob. After crafting the card, a player is able to use that card in actual combat. There are different kinds of cards such as a passive bonus buff card, healing skill card, or offensive skill attack card. The cards can be used often in combat and you're able to summon it multiple times until you remove that card from your inventory. What goes along with cards? Gacha! I'm guessing they're going to add some random card packs for Japanese players to spend money on. YOLO!


Conclusion - Not As I Expected!

Soulworker is scheduled for Open Beta in Japan later this year, but they've still got some crazy bugs to deal with. GM's lacked presence during the test and I didn't find a single one to help me with the serious issue I had with weapons disappearing after relogging. I'd be lying to myself if I said this game is new, hot, and awesome, but it really isn't. It feels a lot like a sluggish version of Kritika Online or any other action MORPG with Anime features. The only new features that stood out was the cool story dialogues during dungeons, skill combo system, and card combat. A lot of the previous Soulworker Online fans also wanted an MMORPG, but making an MORPG probably cuts the development cost. On a positive note, players can probably play both the Japanese Soulworker and Closers because of the fatigue system featured in both titles. Lastly, a lot of my followers have been asking about the country restrictions. The game is indeed IP blocked, but players are able to turn off their VPN right before pressing launch game during the CBT. I hope you enjoyed reading my review and see you on my next gaming adventures! Don't forget to follow me on both my SteparuTV Youtube and Social Media Steparu Page for daily updates!

Developer: Lion Games Korea
Publisher: NHN Hangame Japan
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