Tree of Savior Online CBT3 Review and First Impressions


The 3rd CBT for Tree of Savior Online officially ended yesterday and I spent a great deal of my time playing like crazy! I manage to reach the level cap during the beta and tackled most of the end game content throughout the whole test period. Are you eager to learn about the new features of the game? Read on!

PvE Content - What's New?

There was a lot of new changes during the 3rd CBT content wise. The level cap was decreased from level 250 down to level 200 and a lot of new areas were introduced during the beta. New PvP content added for fun, you can find my long detailed Tree of Savior PvP Review here. New party instanced dungeons was also added during the last few days of testing. Inside the dungeon, players can earn massive amounts of EXP and special tokens from the bosses that will have its use implemented later on. Luckily, I managed to record clips from both dungeons right before the beta ended, so make sure you check them both out below!



Boss Difficulty - Any Changes?

Unfortunately, no drastic changes in terms of difficulty when fighting both old and new bosses of Tree of Savior Online. Everything seemed like it was a lot easier this time around, but maybe that's because I've already experienced fighting most of the bosses during the 1st and 2nd CBT. I did enjoy fighting Cerberus, he is one of the few bosses that I actually have trouble fighting against, especially the dungeon version which kept summoning massive amounts of monsters.

The game currently offers four different types of boss battles. The first type of boss battle is story and quest related where you'll only fight them once and never see them again. The second type is party quest related. Every hour, players in a full party will be given a new quest asking if they want to fight a field boss. Players outside of the party can also tag and attack the field boss to receive loot and items. Party based field bosses usually drop cosmetic accessories and boss cards. The third type of boss encounter in Tree of Savior Online is world boss battles. The world bosses in this game will drop legendary crafting recipes along with rare crafting materials that can only be obtained from certain world bosses. Lastly, the final boss encounter can be found inside dungeons and currently drop random tokens.

Leveling Up and Questing - Grinding Game!

The leveling speed may seem like it's slowed down compared to the previous beta, but it's actually the same. This is due to the fact that quests are no longer visible on the map and players must explore and talk to each individual NPC or discover hidden objects or artifacts for special quests. Other players weren't really too fond of the new features, but I liked it, because it gives players an incentive to explore areas thoroughly. Tree of Saviors EXP curve is a bit confusing, but after you see the EXP rates graph, it will all make sense. There are moments when leveling up seems extremely slow, then other moments where leveling up is super fast. If players want to level up fast, grinding is still the best way to go, either go with a party or solo play and look for areas quick respawn times. In addition to the new CBT3 content, there is small chance that a "glowing" blue monster will pop up in the area players hunt in. Killing this monster will grant the player a large amount of EXP earned and perhaps even give me a free level up or two.

Gameplay Controls - New Mouse Support!

Fans have been asking for a long time now and IMCGAMES delivered. Another cool feature implemented during the 3rd CBT was the long awaited mouse support! I haven't gone around playing with the whole point and click features since I've grown used to the keyboard controls since day one, but I heard it's very useful for classes like the Wizard and Archer. Players who are new to TOS or Ragnarok Online fans may enjoy playing the game more with the mouse as compared to the original keyboard controls.

Conclusion - Still Fun to Play!

The game was still enjoyable enough to play the third time around and I would definitely go back and try the game out again during the next test phase or Open Beta. I'm not sure if the game will phase into Open Beta anytime soon, as there were numerous bugs that still needs to be squished. However, I didn't really encounter any game breaking bugs, which was nice. Technically, the game is still having a CBT going on, but players are no longer allowed to post videos, screenshots, and all that stuff. Make sure you check out my Tree of Savior PvP Review and First Impressions and have a great day!

Developer: IMCGAMES
Publisher: Nexon KR | IMCGAMES STEAM
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