Tree of Savior Online PvP Review and First Impressions


IMCGames added a new PvP mode feature in the latest Closed Beta for Tree of Savior Online. The PvP system in ToS is currently instanced based so no open world trolling or PK'ing just yet nor are there any plans for it in the future for the time being. Below you will find a collection of PvP gameplay videos along with a lot of my personal thoughts and opinions of the system.

Participating in a PvP match was fairly easy because players were able to queue up for the solo PvP arena anywhere in the world by clicking on a PvP icon next to the minimap. The game doesn't have any equalizing system in terms of gear or stats, so the matches was a bit unbalance and quite funny. I believe they just wanted to test the basic core of the PvP system for now.

During the last few days of beta players were starting to get used to the PvP system of Tree of Savior Online and started to experiment with various builds. Wizard type classes went from maximum INT to full CON just to survive powerful attacks from other classes such as meteor, spin2wins, energy blasts, and more. Going full CON was a really good strategy during the beta because magic doesn't miss and the HP benefits are amazing. However, other jobs can't go down this route or they will be whiffing all day.

I really enjoyed the PvP system in Tree of Savior or maybe because I enjoy PvP in general. I was doing really well during the first few days until players started to learn how to counter most of my attacks, strategy, and moves. For example, the infamous Safety Wall that blocks all attacks. Players managed to figure out how to knock me out of it by using certain spells such as Claymore, Linker Skills, Psycho Telekinesis, etc.

Matches no longer felt one-sided, but there are times where one player may make a mistake and cost them the whole match like in the video below. There are so many jobs in Tree of Savior Online that I would experience random moments of deaths "Whoaaa, what killed me!?" and I would bring up that same replay to discover that I was Voodoo'ed to death with 4k, 4k, followed by 9k damage combo with a single skill.

Other than the balancing issues, I would love to see other modes in the game. A lot of my viewers often asked me to create 1v1 videos, but that mode wasn't available yet. I'm not even sure how one would go about 1v1 because some classes play extremely well solo while others shine in group fights.

I'm the type of person that enjoys large-scale group fights or guild battles, so I would love to see some guild vs guild matches or sieges going on. It doesn't have to be anything like War of Emperium, in fact I would prefer if they came up with something more unique. The GM's gave out a lot of skill and stat reset during CBT3, so a lot players tested out various builds.

I tested out a lot of builds myself, such as going full STR and DEX which worked really well for PvE, but went horribly wrong during PvP matches. There also seems to be some kind of diminishing return for stats over 200 or going all out in one stat not being good, unless you're Swordy or something. I suggest investing points into CON, if you're planning on PvP'ing in the long run. It would be nice if players were given free skill and stat reset during Rank 6 job change or something.

PvP was fun for a bit, but no special rewards or incentives for players to keep on going other than having their names displayed on the leaderboards. However, the leaderboards often reset every time the server was taken down. They may add rewards and bonuses for players later on like PvP sets or super cute outfits!?


Rumors say that the developers are planning on adding other PvP modes such as 1vs1 and 10vs10 in addition to the already implemented 5vs5 feature. PvP wasn't really that popular during this test, so it would be nice if players could queue up for all three at once. As I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of large scale PvP, so it would be neat if they implemented a 25vs25 or even 50vs50 battlegrounds with certain objectives. However, getting that many players in one match is going to be quite challenging, especially with no rewards or EXP earned from PvP.

The PvP system had an ELO or Rating system, but it was a bit broken since there were moments where I was partied with the top tier rankers on my team vs a bunch of low-level or unranked players. The enemy team just melted and perhaps may never ever queue for PvP again after suffering such a horrible defeat.


It's nice to see that the PvP system was finally implemented in the latest beta, even though it's just all fun and games for now. I'd love to see some balancing and more work put into it later on. I'm not sure how will that work in the long run, due the game having over 80 playable jobs and more being added in the future. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my Tree of Savior PvP first impressions review or preview!

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