God Slayer Online CryEngine3 Action MMORPG First Look


I recently went on another gaming adventure a few days ago testing out ChangYou's new CryEngine3 Action MMORPG God Slayer Online. The game is still in the early Closed Beta phases so things might be a little off in my gameplay videos below.

The beta only had three playable characters with limited customization and gender locked features. Having played so many gender locked games, I didn't mind at all. The combat stayed true to the whole Action MMORPG genre. The gameplay controls felt a bit like Vindictus or Mabinogi Heroes. You're given an option on what kind of playstyle suits you the most. For example, WASD keys to control the direction of your attacks or the alternative TPS/FPS mode where your character attacks targets in the direction he or she is facing. You can also manually evade attacks by dashing around or using the shift key to block with the sword.


For some reason, the combat style of this character reminded me of Kritika Online's Demon Blade. Might be more noticeable with the Sorceress skills and the Dragon Nest relation. There were a couple things that bothered me during the beta like the gigantic hands my character had or the slashing sound feeling a bit out of place or sync. Welp, it's CBT so that's how it is moving on!


What is the world like? This was one of the commonly asked questions from my viewers. God Slayer Online has an open world, but not a seamless open world where you're able to transition from one place to another without loading. It's kind of like large square maps with various instances all over the place and a certain level per area. Once you're done with one area, you can fast travel to the next big map and stuff. Crafting equipment is simple once you've figured it all out. Although your characters appearance doesn't change at all. Might be a beta thing or perhaps some freemium cash outfits later.


Honestly, the game didn't have much of an impact on me and I stopped testing the game shortly after. On the other hand, my friend RenderMax has been playing the game a lot uploaded a ton of God Slayer gameplay videos on his Youtube Channel. Check out his Sorceress in action below! There is an event where I must level up to 18 to get instant access for the next test, but that seems a bit out of reach for me because currently of my current lazyaru mode state. Game needs more large scale monsters or god slaying stuff IMO.


Developer: ChangYou
Publisher: ChangYou
Game Site: http://mh.changyou.com/