The War of Genesis 4 Online First Impressions Review


The War of Genesis 4 - Spiral Genesis was one of the most promising titles during its early announcement debut back in 2012. Unfortunately, the game has gone into a crazy hiatus development phase and was delayed indefinitely until he 1st CBT which took place earlier this month. Have you ever wondered what the current state of the game is? Check out my short first impressions review below!

Unit System - Card Collecting MMORPG

The only thing that I enjoyed about this beta was the unique unit system with card collecting. I've always been a hardcore card collecting junkie, so anything card related is like a drug to me. Your main character can summon up to four card units at once. Card rarity is as follows Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Cards have fixed stats and you're unable to give them any equipment or level them up during the first beta. Cards are obtained from instanced missions, dungeon rewards, story quests, side quest, and perhaps a possible cash gacha in the future.


The War of Genesis 4 formation system works well with the card system. Certain cards require a specific party setup with resulting in special attacks, buffs, team attacks, and more. I really liked this feature and hope that they would improve this more by adding more card combos and making their team attacks look cooler. Perhaps a little camera control or flashy effects might or some cut in stuff. Players are able to switch their units at anytime as long as they are not in combat. If one of your cards ends up dying, you can immediately replace it, use a revive item, or wait for the death timer and it will eventually come back to life. If you're still confused, Cards = Characters = Heroes = Units it's all the same.


Gameplay and Combat - Unique, but needs work!

War of Genesis 4 had a unique theme with the whole multiple playable character system and real-time unit changing feature, but the gameplay itself was a bit lifeless. Monsters had a lot of HP and took a lot of time to kill, so the GM handed out Epic and Legendary units to everyone testing the game. The game also lacked a bit of challenge you couldn't really move characters out of AoE or manually dodge attacks. Microing characters wasn't possible so I wasn't able to move my ranged DPS away from my tank units during boss battles. Not to mention that your main character must stand completely still to attack or use skills leaving the whole slash run and gun out of the question. I literally just stood there spamming my skill rotations while watching the monsters HP go down.. slow... extremely slow, by the time the monster died I had gone through my rotation for about ten times in addition to the lengthy cooldowns. The developers are well aware of the current gameplay situation and has made the effort to announce that they're going to primarily work on enhancing the combat for a much more thrilling experience in the next beta. Oh and before I forget, the game was pretty much solo with minions following you around.

Graphics and Sound - Nope x Nope

The artwork is fantastic, but I was left in awe after seeing the in-game character model of each one. It's like.. huh is that the right model? To be honest, the graphics are a bit dated. It reminded me of those old school games that used an excessive amount of bloom effect just to make the game look sparkly and nice. I could tell they were using an old engine because I couldn't even walk over or off small hills without having to go completely around it. The one good thing about the sound in this game is that the whole story is completely voiced! I felt like the combat was still lacking a bit in the sound department, so perhaps add a little bit more grunting to bring it more to life.


Conclusion - A long way to go.

War of Genesis 4 has a long way to go, a lot of the content felt incomplete. It won't be easy, but I wish they would change their game engine or just change the platform. There are rumors saying that this game will have a mobile version, so that may explain dated graphics. As a gamer, I can think of so many ways to improve this game. However, to be realistic developers know that ideas are actually harder to implement. It's like coming up with the brightest ideas, then all of sudden it's become impossible to write and explain on paper or describe to others. Anyhow, I am looking forward to playing the game once again if I am able to receive access. I'm just not ready to give up on this game yet and have faith in the developers. If you've enjoyed my mini review, then make sure to follow me on my Steparu Page and Youtube! Have a great day~!


Developer: SoftMax
Publisher: SoftMax
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