Nexon Upcoming Games to Test 2015 Previews and Reviews


Nexon Korea released an English version of their Investor Presentation 2014 which shows a lot of statistics involving revenue, sales, future plans, upcoming games this year, shareholder values, annual losses, and more. The information may not be relevant towards gamers, but it is amusing looking at all the numbers and the list of upcoming games!

Below you will find a list of upcoming games to test, most of them is scheduled for the Korean market though there are a few with international or tests such as Tree of Savior and such. Anyhow, poke around below or just watch the trailers! I'd also like to mention that I don't have a magical book with release dates of when "x" game will come out in your country.


Tree of Savior is one of the games I am mainly looking forward to playing again, I wrote a nice three-part review of the game that is worth checking out, especially if you're looking forward to learning more about the game in detail. Tree of Savior much more popular towards users living outside of South Korea and a lot of players are looking forward to the upcoming international test. I hope my schedule is open when CBT2 kicks off! Meanwhile, it looks like the game might get a release date of 2nd half of 2015 as it says (Publishing) instead of (In-house CBT) time to wait patiently!

Review: Tree of Savior Review Part1 | Tree of Savior Review Part2 | Tree of Savior Review Part3

Although I was invited to test MapleStory2 again, my schedule didn't let allow me to play the cutesy themed game a 2nd time around. MapleStory2 is a fun game, but it doesn't really have anything awesome to offer other than nostalgic memories and user-created content such as outfits. It's a great game to play with a group of friends and the housing system is interesting. Make sure you check out my review if you want to learn more about the game. Both Tree of Savior and MapleStory2 are cute and fun games, but I would most likely play ToS over MS2. Rumors mention that the game is supposed to go live by the end of this year. However, the image above shows (In-house CBT) so probably 2nd CBT or 3rd CBT before the game is fully released.

Review: MapleStory2 Review

I'm looking forward to testing out Ghost in the Shell Online First Connection this year. Even though I rarely post any FPS videos, I actually enjoy playing them from time to time. I wrote a nice early preview of the game last year during the game convention. Here is the official game description for the lazy people. The online FPS game Ghost in the Shell Online is built upon a world view based on the original animation. It provides main characters and skills from the original and offers players chances to engage in the differentiated battle plays. Also, a skill sharing system between players using 'an electronic brain network' is designed for the players to enjoy advanced cooperative battles.

Preview: Ghost in the Shell Online

Peria Chronicles is the only sandbox game I am looking forward to testing above all other Nexon games this year. Anime themed Sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles new gameplay trailer is now out! The latest trailer reveals most of the sandbox features, user created content, monster taming system, new character customization features, faster combat, and an endless amount of cute MOE stuff. Peria Chronicles Online is the next generation of fantasy MMORPG life. Those that have played such games as the original Mabinogi game will certainly enjoy this game. Other may have referred Peria as an Anime version of Minecraft or Landmark. Unfortunately, the Closed Beta keeps getting delayed T_T.

Preview: Peria Chronicles Interview

It looks like Arpiel Online is going to be published this year? The game doesn't look all that interesting to me and I would rather play NCSoft's Master X Master of this one. Arpiel is cute and all, but as the developers mentioned their target audience is leaning towards the Middle to High Schoolers. The current playable characters so far are Witch Snake, Lepoard Cat, Hunter Dog, Puppeteer Sheep, and Mage Rabbit. Although it's not clearly visible in trailers, Arpiel is somewhat detailed in terms of graphics, like a higher quality of Lunia Online. The game offers some form of awakening system, though I can't make sure of what they meant as in transformation or job changing.

Preview: Arpiel Online

Nexon 2014 PDF: Link