Tree of Savior Online Closed Beta Review in Progress Part 3 Finale


The first Tree of Savior Closed Beta had just ended a few days ago leaving me hungry for more! Welcome to the 3rd and a final part of my Tree of Savior Closed Beta Review. Are you ready to learn more about the game? I am hoping that my reviews and videos will satisfy your current ToS thirst for the time being. At least until the international test begins. Just a fair warning that most of the content is CBT material and may change in the future for better or worst.

Questing and Leveling - How Fast Can I Get Max Level!?

I believe the current level cap for Tree of Savior CBT is level 150 or 200, which may sound a bit grindy. Honestly, the leveling pace for this game is extremely fast. Hardcore players could easily obtain level 100-150 in a day or two. Especially if the servers were to open 24 hours a day compared to the usual 8 hour testing windows. IMCGames made Tree of Savior friendly towards new MMORPG players by making it very quest heavy. In short, you pick up quests along the map and turn them in the same area. Questing on the go as I would prefer to call it. If I had to estimate, quests from each area ranged from 6-15. The quests range from the usual kill X mobs, kill a boss, pick up stuff, tower defense, protect an objective, and some random unique ones. Clear one zone and move on to the next area, after you're done there rinse and repeat to the next area. I didn't really mind the linear questing system since it gets the class done and I was breezing through zones fast.

Grinding Vs Questing - Should I Grind All Day or Progress Through Quests?

You seriously don't need to grind much in this game, at least when you're below level 100. I wasted half an hour grinding from class level 10 to 15 for my fourth class only to realize that I can't complete the class change quest because the monsters were too high for me to kill. I ended up doing 1 damage even with an upgraded weapon and over a 100+ points in INT as magician player. What was the problem? The servers were going down soon, so I thought it would be best to grind fast compared to running around doing quests. My class level went up like crazy, but my main level fell behind way too much. I was level 78 and my fourth-class quest mobs, that I need to kill, were level 105-118 GG. Final tip, just progress through the main story quests and field quests. If your short on class exp level for your new class, then that's the perfect time to grind.

Boss Difficulty - Why so EZ?

The game throws a lot of boss quests at players ranging from 3-5 boss battles per zone. They are fairly easy to defeat because of the telegraph system that indicates where the boss will attack perform a special move. Even with my crazy overseas lag, I was able to kill them just fine. Due note that these boss encounters are one time only, just for quest or story progression. Defeating these random bosses became a joke after coming up with a 1 KO combo for Cryomancer and Psychokino, I will  explain it further down below. Don't expect any challenging bosses in this game, it ain't Dark Souls. Most of the boss battles are for players to progress through story and being a friendly game, they can't make it hard or players will be forced to party and LFG all day. About 98.8888888% of the videos uploaded on Youtube are mostly boss progression videos and it's rare to find a field boss video. Oh and before I forget, this game also has field bosses or world bosses shown below. You will just have to wait and see how the end game plays out.


The World & Graphics - Breaking Away from the 3D Mainstream Market!

Does Tree of Savior Online have an Open World? This question is mostly likely going to be asked often, so I will answer it now. Tree of Savior is an MMORPG with an Open World. However, the areas aren't as big as Ragnarok Online in terms of large squares after another. The maps feel a little bit small in Tree of Savior and I feel like the game needs more depth in terms of layers. The game reminds me of Ragnarok Online and Talesweaver. Certain areas look really nice while some areas look extremely flat and stale. Tree of Savior isn't a next generation MMORPG in terms of "3D" graphics compared to Lost Ark or Lineage Eternal. The beauty of this game lies in the unique style and artistic fantasy world approach. Plus the game is still in it's first CBT so there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of graphics and fixing the rough edges of certain areas, placement, items, bushes, trees, map, etc.


Class Combo System - Create Your Own Unique Builds and More!

At first I didn't really enjoy the whole idea of each class having only four starting skills, but that is because I didn't fully understand how the class system works. Tree of Savior offers 80 different classes with multiple job changes as you progress through higher levels of the game, compared the usual one or two class changes in traditional MMORPG's. By the time a player hits the level cap, they will have numerous skills and various builds between all of their selected classes. What do you mean by combo and builds? This is the part where the game starts to shine. Every 15 class levels, players must decide on either advancing to a new class, keeping their current class and earn more skill points and new skills for the current class or try something new. For example, my first-class change was either Wizard again, Pyromancer or Cryomancer.

I decided to go with Cryomancer as you would have probably noticed by now. Another 15 class levels later I had an option to choose Cryomancer again, learn new Ice Skills and improve my current Ice Spells, or try something new like Psychokino and Linker. After a thorough examination of Psychokino skills, I determined that it was the best choice for my Cryomancer. In short, I ended up using an overpowered combo of the Cryomancer's Ice Prison followed by Psychokino's and Swap Spell on the Boss into my position followed by Psychic Blast on the Ice Prison. This combo alone instantly destroys the bosses. Another 15 levels later, I am given the option to further class change into Psychokino again for the more advanced Psychic spells or a new class such as Thaumaturge or Elementalist. For the time being, the CBT offered three class changes and may receive further class upgrades and changes in the future. The game will also provide players with hidden jobs in the future. Also, due note that upon hitting class level 15 for that class, you will no longer earn extra skill points to distribute for that class, unless you class change into it again instead of trying out a new class.

You can play with the class simulator at the Tree of Savior Nexon Korea website. Players can also learn passive skills, enhancers, and improve their active skills by talking to their respective class trainer. Passives consume game currency, so feel free to go crazy and learn them all, given you have enough money. Lastly, you unlock special costumes when you class change. It's one of the reasons why I wanted to I try out the other classes. Collect all the cute outfits and win!


Pet System - Need Cuter Pokemons!

Players can purchase pet companion and mounts in town. The price may be steep for a new player, but it's actually very affordable around the level 90's, as money is a lot easier to come by. I already knew that I can ride pets beforehand, but I didn't realize that I can actually cast spells while on it. Now only if my Pikachu was cuter, it looks really ugly. I couldn't use my Teleportation or Swap spell, but that matter much since I was able to nuke monsters and stuff.

Conclusion - Could Be Better and Would Play Again!

The 1st Closed Beta for Tree of Savior Online was awesome, despite having crazy login issues during the first few days of testing. Oddly enough, a lot of players from the beta was bunny hopping all over the place. It's not an MMORPG if you can't jump, right? I hope they don't make any drastic changes to jump. I ended up playing throughout the whole beta non-stop. I'd definitely give the 2nd or international beta another try without a question. One the biggest complaints from all of my followers and viewers is that the bosses are very easy to kill. As for me, I would like to see more community or social features for the game, something along the lines of dungeons or raids. Embedding text in crafted items was nice. Here is a cookie shield baked with love! Anyhow, thanks for reading and following me on one of my many gaming adventures, I hope you'll come back for the next one!

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