Lost Ark Online End-game Content Preview and Progression


The Lost Ark Online Closed Beta offered a ton of end-game content that kept users busy throughout the whole test. I spent my last day of Lost Ark Online trying to figure out the current gear progression in order to prepare for the next test. I wanted to share my own personal findings below and the various ways to gear up along with where to hunt for the best items. It's probably not as detailed as other sites since I can't fully read Korean, but I tried my best and I hope you find the info below useful.

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MU LEGEND Online Review of the 1st Closed Beta


Webzen's MU Legend Online 1st CBT had just ended and I've prepared a first look review to share my experiences. Just like all my other reviews, the article features a lot of videos for those that want to judge the game on their own. A lot of my viewers on my SteparuTV Youtube Channel had questions about this game so hopefully my review will shed some light on the lingering questions and an early insight of or preview of the game.

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Black Desert VS Blade & Soul 2016 Special


I figured the first article of this year should be one my most commonly asked question and no, it's not another question about my mysterious identity or gender. It's a question regarding whether they should play Black Desert or Blade & Soul! It's going to be one long article, so I hope you're ready for it.

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Soulworker Online Review of the 1st Closed Beta


Soulworker Online is one of few upcoming Anime titles that had a lot of hype over the past few years. The game is still being developed South Korea for quite some time now and to everyone's surprise, the title is going to be marketed in Japan first with Open Beta scheduled this year. Are you curious about the new changes of Soulworker Online? Be one of the first to read about it below!

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WolfKnights Online CBT First Look Review


IMCGAMES had a surprised closed beta test or early playable build for their upcoming team-based PvP game WolfKnights Online. The game was actually playable globally and everyone was able to register despite the official notice stating that the game was only available for Japan, Europe and South Korea. I've always been curious about this game since its early debut so I took some time off to try out the game and see how it was.

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