Blade & Soul Online Review

mainWith an English version of Blade & Soul announced, I decided it's about time that I write a comprehensive review of the game. Blade & Soul Online is one of the top games in South Korea right now and the games' hype doesn't seem to be dying down. Are you planning on playing this game once it is released in the West? Then you've come to the right place because I will be going through every single detail of the game ranging from tutorials, tips, hints, insights, and pretty much everything I can think of.

Mid Level Raid Dungeon


If you're a regular here at then you should have noticed that I stopped updating my website right after Blade & Soul was released in South Korea. I like to consider myself more of a gamer than a writer. Whenever I play a game that I really enjoy, I end up spending a lot of my time in that game until I burn out, which is what happened with Blade & Soul. I played this game hardcore for two months straight with ten hour long gaming sessions each day.

Faction War Gunner Boss.

The World & Story

Blade & Soul is by far my favorite all time oriental MMORPG even though it has some minor flaws. The design of the world is very beautiful and fits perfectly well with the characters in the game. It's just too bad that the game feels like some kind of console port because of the small and linear maps during the first chapter of the game. Then again If I think about it isn't so bad because I could progress through the game a lot faster compared to other MMORPG's that made me travel really far for quests objectives.

Forest Tour

I actually fell in love with the story of Blade & Soul Online, I really enjoyed the awesome cutscenes it had. There are a bunch of likeable characters that I have met through the story. As for the story, it seemed a bit cliche and linear at first because of the whole revenge thing going on. Once I reached the second and third chapters of the game, the story evolved into something bigger. I don't want to spoil it much, but the plotline becomes a lot more complicated; a lot of the characters betrayed me which made me feel like I couldn't trust anyone. The director of this game said that this game is all about betrayal so don't be too shocked later on. Then there were characters who I thought were bad guys, but weren't bad after all! The story line of Blade & Soul actually made me feel like I was part of the game,as I always found myself rushing through the main story quests because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. Unlike most MMORPG's the cutscenes in Blade & Soul are definitely worth watching. The whole game makes you feel like you're watching some kind of oriental movie flick or action anime.

Crazy boss fights!

Chapter 2 Final Mission Main story gameplay and cutscenes *spoilers*