Kritika Open Beta Review

mainKritika Online has been out for a good month now and a lot of foreign gamers actually jumped on the Korean Open Beta bandwagon for numerous reasons. Are you debating on whether or not you should try out the Korean version right away or simply planning on playing this game in the future? Then you've come to the right spot because I have been spending a lot of my time on Kritika lately, so much that I can fill you in with a good amount of detail. Grab something to snack on and prepare for a three page long review.

Playable Characters & Advanced Jobs

Kritika used to have a lot of cloning going on in the previous closed beta tests, but with the latest character creation players can now become a little bit more unique. There are three starting classes to choose from and each class can advance further into three different kinds of classes for their second job. Players are given a wide variety of second jobs to choose from, so you will most likely find a character that fits your playstyle.

Character Creation Video

The first playable character is a male Warrior class and he can job change into a Raging Berserker class who looks a lot like Akuma. When you advance into this character, you will emit an evil red aura, which looks really cool. If you're not satisfied with that class, then you can try out the Burst Breaker. Not many people play this job but apparently it is very strong because it has a lot of grapples and stunning moves which is really freaking OP. Lastly, there is the Demon Blade class, which is my favorite character in the Open Beta. The Demon Blade is a very fast agile character, upon picking this class you'll get also get awesome demon Katana!

Demon Blade Gameplay

Gameplay Videos by Other Players
Raging Berserker
Burst Breaker
Demon Blade

The second playable character is a female Rogue/Thief, her attack reach is smaller compared to others but she is very agile and air combo crazy. The first advance job for her is the Crimson Assassin which is a very fast ninja teleporting class. If you're not the serious type of person and prefer cute stuff like me, then you can play the Cat Acrobatics class. Upon picking this class, your character will obtain a cute pair of cat ears! This job also likes to spam a lot of "meow" in every action. May get annoying over time but it's cute, right!? Lastly, there is the Mystic Wolf Guardian which is a Lightning based character and has a very cool Wolf pet that will follow you around in your adventures.

Cat Acrobatics

Gameplay Videos by Other Players
Crimson Assassin
Cat Acrobatics
Mystic Wolf Guardian

The third and last playable character is a super sexy looking male Gun Mage. The first playable class is a Shadow Mage that looks really cool, the perfect class to play if you want to be evilish. Then you have the Freezing Blaster class, this class seems a bit underpowered and not many players pick this class for some reason. Then you have the cool Dimension Controller which is a AOE spamming type of character that has a lot of Black Hole type of moves, this class seems to have been buffed a lot and is really OP in PvE.

Shadow Mage

Gameplay Videos by Other Players
Shadow Mage
Freezing Blaster
Dimension Controller

Gameplay & Controls

Kritika Online will satisfy gamers who enjoy a lot of action or console based action titles. The game is fully instanced so most of the time you're forming up a party with strangers or friends in town and then heading off to dungeons. There is a LFG board so finding random parties should be fairly easy, though in the lower levels you don't really need any parties at all unless you want to progress through the dungeons faster. Most of the content is pretty easy but once you have reach the higher levels and start tackling dungeons in the hardest difficulty, you will definitely end up using some of your resurrection tokens because everything hits like a truck and some bosses ends up cheesing you!

npc1 npc2
Nice NPC Artwork

Controls are very simple especially if you have played games such as Mabinogi Heroes, Continent of the Ninth, Dragon Nest and other instanced based action titles. W, A, S, D, keys to move your character around. Left mouse button used for normal attacks while the right mouse button is used for special actions. Spacebar key to jump and moving the mouse around controls your camera. Then you have your skill bar that you probably don't need to rebind. Mainly because unlike most online games Kritika's default hot keys doesn't go over 6 key. Some of the default hotkeys are 1~5 Z,X,C,V, R, T, G, Y, and etc. Lastly, pressing the tab key will unleash your Ex Gauge so that your character can turn into a Super Saiyan. From there you can unleash a devastating skill depending on what level your Ex Gauge is. The controls are very easy comfortable to reach especially for players with small hands.

Pirate Boss

Kritika plays a bit faster than most action games so it will probably take a few hours for you to adjust to the games' playstyle. Once you have gotten used to it, you'll be able to pull off a lot of combos easily! Just make sure you stop hitting dead mobs that you overkilled with your skills because those often break your chain combo. The game should be fully compatible with a controller, which is pretty awesome for players who often like playing action packed titles on controllers. The only thing that might pose a bit of a problem to players is the instanced base system. You're most likely going to repeat the same dungeon at least three to five times while moving up to harder difficulties of that stage.