Mobile Suit Gundam Review

main2I've been on a Gundam addiction lately, it all started when I first picked up Mobile Suit Gundam last month. Honestly, the graphics doesn't look that great but the gameplay more than makes up for it. MSGO is a large scale PvP based game with 104 players playing at the same time. The game has a lot of Mobile Suits and offers a wide variety of customization so you're most likely to find a Mobile Suit of your type. Be one of the first check out my mini review on this very awesome game.

Mobile Suit Gundam Online Ground Type RX-79 (G)

Gameplay & Extra Info

If you're the type of person that often plays a lot of FPS/TPS games then this game should be very easy to adapt too. Though if you're new to that type of genre, I think you might have a little bit of trouble getting by. The controls are simple W,A,S,D keys to move around the spacebar key is used to boost or dash. Then the space shift key is used to dash upwards, your booster is very limited so you can't zoom zoom zoom around the map. If you hold the booster key to long you will overheat and won't be able to dash or boost around leaving you very vulnerable to enemy attacks. Left mouse button to shoot and right click to zoom in or lock on depending on the weapon you are using. Mouse wheel up and down to change between the weapons or 1~3 keys. Lastly, the Q key is used to signal commands to your team or commander like if you need repair or ammo.

What is so special about this game? Well, for one thing the battles are a lot of fun and once you get into higher ranks, it will take a lot of player skill to rank up. At the end of each match you're going to be given a report card, if you end up doing well during the match you will most likely get S S S and get the maximum amount of EXP for ranking up. If your performance is really terrible, you will lose EXP play enough matches poorly and you will end up ranking down instead of up. This system is pretty good since it prevents higher rank players from rage quitting matches.


S Ranking

One of the things that could have been cooler with this game is if they implemented some kind of death match mode. Where as if you die, you sit out from the match completely and when your arm or leg gets shot, it explodes just like the Anime! Though the current mode isn't that bad, most players are often base racing or suicide rushing the enemy base because there is no heavy death penalty. Though going in 1vs51 is not very smart because you will most likely melt in a millisecond. It will probably look bad on their stats, since all of the stats is recorded in this game whether it is high score, how much you healing you have done, kills, deaths, commander score, how many times you got S rank, and etc.

MS Ground Type Rock Launcher

Mobile Suit Customization

The selling factor of MSGO is the Mobile Suit customization you can have up to four Mobile Suits loaded every match. Once you die in a match, you will have to launch one of the other remaining Mobile Suits in your load out, at least until the one you broke has finally finished its' repairs.

c1 c2

Customization Menu

Most of the young Gundam fans out there are probably into the modern Gundams like the ones shown from Gundam 00 or Seed Destiny. Unfortunately, those over powered Mobile Suits are not available just yet. In time, I believe they will be available though I am not sure how will they balance it. New Mobile Suits are obtained from the in game Gacha system or end of matches, at the end of matches you will also be awarded with GP, once you have enough GP you will will be able to roll on different volumes of Mobile Suits. If you're satisfied with your golden recipe, then you will have to craft that Mobile Suit using the materials you earned from matches or buying it in the shop. Crafting Mobile Suits is super easy mainly because even if you don't have the materials required to craft that MS, it will ask you if you want to purchase it in the crafting screen shown in the video below.

Crafting GM Sniper - Headshot Skill T_T

Like I have previously stated, there is a lot of customization going on. These customization ranges from different kinds of weapon load outs. Customizing that weapon via increased damage, attack speed, lock on, reload speed, and many other variables. Then you also have your Mobile Suit customization, you can upgrade the passive skill, movement speed, recall time, armor, boost recovery speed, and all kinds of things. When you're upgrading you can fail, success, or critical success. Crit'ing upgrades will give the maximum amount of points which is very good. If you end up failing on upgrades a lot, you can reset your Mobile Suit or Weapon stats and try to upgrade from the start again. A very nifty feature especially for players who wants the perfect suit.

c3 c4

Upgrading Weapons & Mobile Suits

Unique Team Based Gameplay

One of the unique features of MSGO is the the commander system, unlike most FPS games out there every player is on the battlefield. In MSGO, one player is spectating the whole match RTS mode and giving out orders to players on the mini map. Players who follow the commanders order will receive extra bonus points that plays a big role in end battle report card. Commanders can also summon a carrier, air strikes, a nuclear briefcase, radar, and etc. Comannder interaction with their team is vital to winning matches. For example, if a commander summons a nuclear briefcase a random player on their team can pick it up. Then the commander must make sure that they use the radar to scan the whole map for any radar towers in the region. If there is one, one of the fifty-one players on their side must destroy that radar before the player with the nuke walks in range of it, I like to call it ninja nuking. After the whole team opens the pathway to the enemy base, the player carrying the nuke must plant it where the commander order it. Once the nuker gets close to the target, the commander can use a Counter-UAV which disables everyone's minimap so they can not see the nuker walking to the enemy base. If successful, the nuke will go off within a few seconds. The nuke can also be destroyed by the enemy team, so it is essential for players to body block protecting it so that it goes off. Once your team destroys enough of their bases or HP gauge, you will win the match. That is just one out of the many possible ways to win a match in MSGO. Team work team work!

Engineer Repairing


When I first started I found out that healing was the best job at least when you're trying to learn the ropes and the map. This game is actually easy to pick up but most unfortunate it has an IP block, so you will have to use programs like WTFast to get by it. Once I got used to the game, I ended up loving the GM Sniper with quick reload modification. The GM sniper is a beast because if you're sniping players with that have equipped too much weapons on their MS and have a bad balance, it will knock them down. Once they are knocked down you will be able to shoot them again before they get back up and they will explode. If you're a big Gundam or Mecha fan in general, I suggest checking this game out with a couple of friends, it is really worth it. The graphics may not be amazing like Mechawarrior or Hawken but the gameplay is enjoyable enough. On the side note, I have been watching a lot of Gundam Unicorn! I can't wait for MSGO to catch up to the Unicorn series. Lastly, you will be able to play as the Earth Federation or Zeon in MSGO.

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