Aster Gate Online TCG Review


My avid readers should be aware that I can become a crazy person when it comes down TCG titles. With that said, I am going to write my first impressions of the newly released browser based TCG title in Japan called Aster Gate Online. It's been awhile since I have written a TCG review. I am hoping that this review may help you decide if this game is worth trying out or not.

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Core Masters Online Beta Review


The 2nd Core Masters beta had just ended yesterday and I have spent most of my nights beta testing the game in eight to nine hour gaming sessions. I usually don't play two consecutive betas after the other, but Core Masters is one of those enjoyable titles that I couldn't pass up, need my daily fix! You're probably like, "Oh gosh, not another MOBA or AOS game!" right? There is actually more to it than that, so find out the reason why I played this game so much below.

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Sword Girls S Mini Review

sgmain2The live service test for Sword Girls S launched yesterday and received a lot of attention. Unfortunately, Sword Girls S was short-lived and had to be terminated 11 hours in the launch due to a critical bug and exploit with the cash system. Being a card maniac, there was no way that I would have missed this opportunity on testing out Sword Girls S, so I have prepared a really awesome mini review for you guys to enjoy. This review is going to be image heavy so you might want to pre load the page before hand.

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Devil Maker Tokyo Guide

mainDevil Maker Tokyo is definitely my new favorite card game as of late because of the TCG RPG system it has to offer. I have been playing this game so much that I am already max level. Playing Korean card games can become frustrating sometimes especially if you really don't understand whats going on, so I am here to help you guys out with very useful tips on how to play and survive in Devil Maker Tokyo. I will also teach you how to get your free first time five star card that is very over powered and a must get.

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Core Masters Online Review

mainThe First Closed Beta Test for Core Masters Online ended a few days ago and I must say, South Korea might finally have a new unique AOS/MOBA game in the making. What do I mean by unique? Well for one thing Core Masters Online doesn't offer the traditional three lane and five champions in one map style. This game has a lot of cool stuff and I will make sure to explain it in detail so that you guys will be able to understand how the game works and be prepared for the next Closed Beta. Core Masters Online could just very well be the next big game next to League of Legends in South Korea, find out the exact reasons why below.

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