Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Online PC Review


I've never really wrote a preview on Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded during the last beta test, so here it is! Don't be fooled by the weird Anime that recently came out, the game itself is actually quite a decent shooter.


Gameplay and Controls

The controls is fairly simple and easy to learn, especially if you're an avid FPS/TPS fan. W,A,S,D keys to move around and spacebar to Jump. Right click to lock on with Q and E keys to change targets. Left click to shoot and Mouse Wheel to change weapon loadout. F key to use the special skills associated with that weapon and more. Check out the gameplay controls video below. Some of my viewers mentioned about the lock on system, it's not really an auto lock on. Once locked on to a target, you will have to move your reticle scope and aim very carefully!

Lobby Preview, Customization, and Playable Characters

The first beta offered a lot of playable characters. The game may seem rather slow paced, but it actually depends on the character and weapon they have equipped. I didn't really get around to playing the test much because of the Network issues, but weapons are crafted. You can get higher grade recipes through the lobby item shop or winning matches. Once you have the recipe, you must play against other players and collect the materials to craft your weapon. The weapon recipes also have various Grade Ratings ranging from Normal, Rare, and Super Rare.

Gameplay Modes

The early tests only offered a single mode, where the objective was to destroy the opposing team's crystal and win. I heard that the arcade version was more of TDM based, so this version may offer the classic TDM mode in the future.

Network and Connections Issues

As a Foreigner, you're likely to run into a lot of connection issues and will be forced to play against bots until the issue is fixed. Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded has gone through two tests so far and the connections issues during the last test had worsen. According to the Japanese tester boards, a good amount was unable to connect and play a normal match without a random disconnection a few seconds in a match. For those wondering, the game isn't IP blocked so feel free to register a free Japanese SE account.


Japan has always been big on collaboration events and that alone should add a viable amount of replay value along with collecting SR grade weapons, outfits, etc. For example, the arcade version of this game offers awesome collaboration events such as Final Fantasy outfits seen in the trailer below. It would be nice if the game offered some form of VR support because of the whole lock on reticle manual aiming system. I'll be patiently waiting for the next Closed Beta and will gladly let you guys know when to sign up for the next test.

Developer: Square-Enix
Publisher: Square-Enix
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