GunZ 2 Review CBT2

mainThe second Closed Beta Test for GunZ 2 had just ended and I spent most of time during the weekending checking out the new content it has to offer. It has been awhile since I have written a review on a FPS game but since a lot of people are going crazy about GunZ 2, I decided to write a mini review of my CBT2 experience. Grab a light snack and prepare for some first look impressions and a bunch of crazy high quality 1080p GunZ 2 videos for your viewing pleasure!

GunZ 2 Godlike Killing Spree

If you're an original GunZ player the first thing that you will probably notice is that this game doesn't have K-Style anymore. A lot of elitists will probably be upset but perhaps one of the reasons why MAIETGAMES didn't implement it is because they wanted other players to pick up the game easily without having any advantages from the previous version.

Character Selection & Shop Features

There were only three playable classes in the second CBT though the story line kind of hints that there might be a fouth class in the future. They added a new shop feature in the latest GunZ 2 build where players will be able to purchase new equipment and outfits for their characters. If you have played a lot of F2P FPS/TPS games then you'll probably be a bit familiar with the shop system. The weapons have an expire date so if you're planning on only playing for a day or two, then you should just rent that weapon for the day! They also added purchasable life tokens for players who often die in the PvE content of the game. I also forgot to mention that shotguns kind of got nerfed!

Playable Characters & Shop

Gameplay PvE

I actually had a lot of fun with the new PvE content that was presented in the second Closed Beta Test of GunZ 2. They added a bunch of new maps and fun boss fights! Though it is most unfortunate that the AI hasn't changed much. Even with the zombie AI's they somehow manage to kill players that play recklessly. I actually died a bunch times during my adventures, I always found myself running out of ammo here and there.

Zombie AI's

The game has an actual story line for you to follow and the NPC's are always talking to you during the mission. There are a bunch of story cut-scenes here and there, I can't really tell you much about it other than you're trying to stop bad guys! I still wish they added some kind of zombie mode for fun or other kinds of PvE modes while they still can. It wouldn't be so bad, I mean they already got the AI down for it.

Final Campaign Boss

I rushed through the PvE content as fast as I could so that I can get some videos of what the final campaign boss looked like. The final campaign boss was very exciting even though the boss felt a bit clunky at times. A super huge missile that can one shot the team, mini guns, homing missiles, random reinforcements, and etc. It's too bad I died near the end, I wanted to last hit the boss for fun. I kind of had trouble climbing up the boss, perhaps I should take the gun sword combo next time so that I can latch on to the boss before it moves and knocks me off.

GunZ 2 Tunnel Mission

GunZ 2 had a lot of weird things in the PvE content but the thing that probably bothered me the most is the client crashes. It's not so bad when you're just starting out the missions but crashing out before big boss fights or in the middle of missions is kind of annoying! Hopefully they sort out this problem by the time they roll out the 3rd CBT.