The Cutest Anime Fishing Game Fish Island 2


I finally got around to testing the new Fish Island 2 game that was released last week and I must say the game itself has evolved a lot compared to the previous version. It's also so much more MOE or should I say cuter than before. I spent more than six hours testing the game right after downloading it. Fish Island 2 has a lot of new features while retaining some of the older ones from the original. Some of the new notable features are the new 4-player real-time coop raid system, crafting new ships, farming cash gems, cute avatars, costumes, and more.

This game would have been super cool if it had some MORPG features or something XD! I don't really play a whole lot of sports related type of games unless it's Pangya which reminds me, where the hell is my Pangya Mobile?! Anyway, the game is worth trying out if you're looking for something cute or waiting for Stamina to Regen in the other mobile games you play. It's not exactly a "main" type of game material more of like something to play on the side.

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