Master X Master Signal Test New Revamped Titan Ruins


The Korean Closed Beta version of MXM just received another update revealing a lot of new changes to the game such as a brand new UI, balance changes, new titan ruins, enhanced graphics, a new Arami look, and more. Titan Ruins received another big change in terms of look and content. The general concept of the map is still the same, but it's much more spacious now and it doesn't feel like you're walking through a maze in the jungle. There is an upcoming Esports tournament for MXM later this week featuring the new Titan Ruins map for those interested, just check out the Korean site linked below.

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The Cutest Anime Fishing Game Fish Island 2


I finally got around to testing the new Fish Island 2 game that was released last week and I must say the game itself has evolved a lot compared to the previous version. It's also so much more MOE or should I say cuter than before. I spent more than six hours testing the game right after downloading it. Fish Island 2 has a lot of new features while retaining some of the older ones from the original. Some of the new notable features are the new 4-player real-time coop raid system, crafting new ships, farming cash gems, cute avatars, costumes, and more.

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Lord of Vermilion Arena Online Valkyrie Profile X Ragnarok Online


I've been playing way too much Valkyrie Anatomia and had a sudden urge to try out the Valkyrie Profile characters in Lord of Vermilion Arena. I had a lot of freebies in my mail as a returning player which was nice. They gave around 60 gacha tickets along with 20,000 AM to buy a new card. It was during the Golden Week event, you might still be able to sneak in get freebies.

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Lord of Vermilion Arena x Ragnarok Online x Anime Update


Lord of Vermilion Arena Online AOS/MOBA title just received another big update today featuring more playable units, bgm packs, hidden voices, gacha, and more! Players can now summon units from Ragnarok Online, Neptunia VII, Legend of Mana, and Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Anime series.

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