JX3 HD Remake Closed Beta Gameplay Preview


JX3 HD Remake is making some waves in China at the moment and I decided to finally try the game out. The ongoing project replaces a lot of the textures, animation, special effects, and more from the original version titled Jian Xia Qing Yuan Online 3 back in 2009. This was my first time playing this game or series and I was shocked that it had so many playable classes, thirteen to choose from and they weren't gender locked!

The HD transition isn't fully finished yet and there is still a lot of work to be done. One of my followers mentioned that most of the jobs haven't received their HD animations and enhancements yet. The game actually looks really pretty and I wanted to play it more, but the combat was severely outdated which was a really big turn off. Don't get me wrong, the combat was probably amazing during its time! Perhaps they're gonna work on that at a later date? I'd be down for some action combat JX3HDR or something.

The one feature that captivated me the most in this game was that I was able to free fly at level 1! Geez, that's pretty cool! The flying in this game feels and plays a lot better than Moonlight Blade because you can actually free fly forever as compared to Moonlight Blade's cinematic burst dashes. You gotta manage your Stamina in JX3 though or else something horrible will happen, shown at the end of the video above.

You'll probably notice that some of the areas in my videos doesn't look very HD yet, so I suppose they're still working on that! There's also that weird icon above some of the NPC's head which means they're working on HD'ing that NPC up. My GTX 1080 FTW had a bit of trouble keeping 60FPS in some of the areas. I want to play the game more, but the combat is just kind of blech. I'll probably just keep installed for now and stalk/interact emotes with random strangers. Plus, the game is a really good flight simulator. All of the classes have their own unique flying style and I must see try em all out.

You can also fly around with a partner and it's lovely!

2009 Version of JX3 Couples Flying Video

Couples Flying Source: Link
Game Site: http://jx3.xoyo.com