KurtzPel Tutorial Combat Basics and Weapons Shown in Latest Teaser

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KOG Games prepared a lengthy tutorial gameplay for their upcoming Anime Action Game KurtzPel showing off four different weapons. Players can swap and equip two of the four following weapons, a Bow called Dance of Wind, the Great Sword of Talaimh, the Staff of a Diabolic Witch, and a Dual Soul Swords.

Even though the trailer is in another language, you should be able to grasp and get a feel for the combat basics, movement, combos, juggles, skill system, weapon system, etc. The combat does look exciting since you're going to be alternating between various weapons and different skill sets. You can also perform different combos with left and right click depending on the weapon used. Air combos seems to be one of the strongest point of this game, so I do hope they work on that more. Air juggles are always fun in fighting games, as long as their balance and no infinite combos, lol. A friend of mine recently translated the KurtzPel interview here are some snippets from the article, you can read the full version here.

"The players in KurtzPel inherits and hones the eternal experience that is passed down generations called ‘Karma’. While Karma is similar to what classes are in other games, Karma isn’t limited to individual skills but the overall powers a being posses. For example, if the power of Elsword is to be passed down in the form of Karma then it will not only pass on the swordsmanship of Elsword but also the inherent power of fire as well. And it is the player’s power to inherit and uphold this ability.Players can choose 2 of the Karmas they have at their disposal to engage in battle. Setting up the right 4 Karmas will be an important strategic decision for premade teams. Karmas and Karma Shards(for skills) which can be attached to weapons can be obtained through relationship with NPCs and then further improved."

"Karma is something that can be shared with other users. Thus, this means it is possible to possess all existing Karmas which can be further trained then shared with others. The four Karmas introduces are Sword of Talaimh, Dance of Wind, Diabolic Witch, and Dual Soul.

Sword of Talaimh is the only defensive Karma introduced for Gstar 2017. It is sturdy and is capable for disrupting enemy action for a long period of time.

Sword of Talaimh is the only offensive melee Karma introduced for Gstar 2017. It can be easily interrupted and is not capable in disrupting others but has good mobility and can deal a large amount of damage quickly.

Dance of wind is a ranged offensive Karma with long range and Diabolic Wind is the only magic based Karma introduced for Gstar 2017 and can deal massive damage against the other three revealed Karmas which have weak magical defense." -Read the full Breakdown on my friend's blog.

G-Star 2017 Floor Demo by INV

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