Project Z Online New MMORPG Closed Beta Preview

project z online main

Changyou's Project Z Online is a new upcoming Chinese PC MMORPG that looks like it was inspired by a lot of other games. I was really curious about this title after seeing the first teaser trailer because it looked like it was gonna be another hot new isometric action MMORPG. Time for you to discover and see if the game actually worth adding to your future wish list or not.

Project Z had limited customization during the Closed Beta that targeted the head and facial features. The good news is that the game isn't gender-locked, so you're able to play any of the three starting jobs as a male or female. Check out the video above for some of the customization features, but the music will probably get to you since it's on such a short loop. My viewers and fans also mentioned that the BGM is from Dragon Age.

The prologue of the game kind of sucked me in with the cinematic scenes and interactive stuff. Although in my head I kept thinking that it looks a lot like Lost Ark Online, so I had to play more and figure out what this game was really all about or if it actually had any originality.

Project Z Online is NOT an Action MMORPG it's more of a classic MMORPG where you can target a monster and auto-attack it. From there you can activate your other skills on your hot bar. The game does have a dodge key which can be used for certain mobs and bosses that give off special telegraphed attacks, but other than that certain monsters will just purely lock on you despite you dodging the attack.

Questing in this game is super easy because it has that one thing called quest helper where you click the quest and it will just auto-walk you to the location. Thus I was able to play the game easily without knowing a single word of Chinese! Project Z is an open-world game, but not seamless. If I had to compare it to another MMORPG, I suppose the world is more like Tera Online except the maps are small to medium-sized with the same multiple channel system. Project Z also had a bunch of field quests that is similar to Final Fantasy XIV's FATE or Guild Wars field event quests where players must work together and complete the task at hand ranging from collecting items, killing mobs, defeating a boss, and more.

After a week of testing Project Z, I decided to give up and wait for the next test. The game felt really light and didn't really have much of an impact in terms of graphics and combat. It's probably because they're planning on cross-platforming this game for the mobile device. I also noticed that the game had used some assets from other games in terms of monsters, skills, icons, mobs, music, and well... just a lot of stuff!? Maybe they're just placeholders for this beta? Confused. Anyway, as always I provided a bunch of gameplay so you can also be the judge of the game!

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