Lost Ark Online Closed Beta 2 New Jobs and Content Changes

 lost arkcbt2

The Lost Ark Online team finally updated their site with more information regarding content changes in the upcoming Closed Beta 2. The developers are working hard on improving their game even further based on player feedback. Below you will find a list of changes to come which includes new playable jobs, balancing, system changes, and more.


We have received a lot of valuable feedback from the first Closed Beta users.

-Beta testers sent us a lot of feedback through tickets, surveys, and forums.
-A lot of improvements have been made from the first CBT!
-I would like to introduce some of the player suggestions and feedback below.

The Flow of Battle

"Characters have a strange animation when getting struck or attacking."
"The death animation of monsters is lacking and lifeless." 

The core elements of a hack & slash game heavily relies on powerful effects, attacks, emotion, and impact. With that said, we made some changes based on player feedback from the first Closed Beta. Here are some of the changes below.

-We have improved the attack animation so that it feels more natural.
-Attack animation changes have been modified for more impact.
-Monster will now have varying death animations on character attacks.
-Improvements in the animation of characters receiving damage.
-Improvements in the animation when characters deal damage.

Tripod System

"It's fun to change skills through tripod system, but it hardly feels any different." 

The Tripod system doesn't just enhance the strength and skill of each class.
It's also responsible for helping players through situational content via Tripod loadout.
As a result, we have organized the Tripod system to have more impact and be more unique.
In the 2nd CBT, players will have access to more Tripod combinations.


Quest System Changes

"The main quests are amazing, but the side quests are lacking and boring with repetition."
"Some quests take a while to complete."
"Event quests was fun, it would be nice to see more." 

While playing Lost Ark, everyone has expressed their opinions about the story and quest system.
From the various feedback, it's confirmed that some of the subquests weren't satisfying enough.
We have analyzed the quest progress of the game based on feedback.
As your character levels up, you will run into various unique quests.

-We have removed some repetitive boring side quests.
-We added an "Adventure Quest" with a special episode in each zone.
-We have added more Event Quests.
-We added coop quests for players to adventure together. 

Class Improvement and Changes

"Bard's support capabilities is somewhat lacking, it feels more of a DPS job."
"Warlord is not good at tanking, party play role is useless, is he really a tanker?!"

Based on the 1st CBT results and player feedback, we have made adjustments to the playable jobs.
Below you will find some of the new changes for both the Warlord and Bard.


Warlord Rework
-Warlord can protect allies from the battlefield.
-Boasting in high-defense and survivability.
-Reworked with a wide-variety of skills to protect members.
-Gains a shield during combat, allowing defense and blocking stance.
-Defense stance can withstand devastating CC's as seen in the image below.
-The warlord can now protect members from certain AoE attacks.
-Warlord is able to help members in dangerous situations.


Bard Rework
-The Bard class was more of DPS job than a supporter in CBT1.
-New support Tripod skills have been added for a more supportive role.
-Players can respec to a support role.
-Certain Serenade skills have been merged together.
-Serenade of Heaven changed to add AoE Regen and Attack Buff.
-Serenade of Heaven is now Serenade of Valor.
-Bards can now synergize with their party through various buffs and debuffs.
-Get ready to experience Bard's new ultimate power!



Other System Changes

"The UI interface is lacking."
"Mouse Left and Right Button is confusing."
"I wish there were speech bubbles."

There wasn't much feedback in terms of interface quality and conventional features.
We are going to improve the overall interface and will continue to work on it the future.
In addition to interface changes, here are some other improvements based on your feedback. 

-Equipment Presets added for fast gear switching!
-Now you can teleport to the Square Hall from wherever you are. (What?)
-You can now swap Left and Right mouse buttons at the start.
-Chat Bubbles have been added, never miss a conversation!


New Playable Jobs




-Wields a powerful and heavy Gravity Hammer.
-Does very strong and powerful attacks that can overwhelm enemies.
-Getting caught by a Destroyer's attack is very deadly and can send you flying.
-Sacrifices speed for a sheer massive boost in damage and power.
-Gravity Hammer can pull and knock enemies in or out.
-Getting caught in a Destroyer's skill will guarantee death!




-A class that uses a variety of short and medium range spells depending on the situation.
-Wields various Arcana cards and delivers swift damage.
-Arcana draws random cards from their deck to attack.
-The card drawn is random and it can be both good and bad.
-This can be dangerous and is what makes this class unique.




-Can summon various spirits, elementals, and ancient spirits.
-Has both normal and special summons.
-Is able to play the role of both a DPS or Tanker type of character.
-Can summon extremely power special summons when the Meter Gauge is max.
-I'm guessing these are similar to Bard Orb Gauges.


That should be most of it, I skipped some stuff at the end. I just woke up to this so I did a rush translation of stuff while asking my Korean friends from KakaoTalk chat. Anyway, I'm sure there will be a better translation from LostArk Database or if my friend from WWGW translates em, who is well known for translating quality Korean lore content. Also, it looks like they have temporarily removed the IP block from the official Lost Ark site since I can properly view it now. Anyhow, that's all for now! The 2nd CBT rumored window is like ending next month, so not sure if it's still happening because it was supposed to be June and July'ish.

Game Site: http://www.lostark.co.kr/