Legend of the Ancient Sword Online is An Amazing Oriental Fantasy Action MMORPG


While there are a ton of oriental themed Chinese MMORPG's around, Legend of the Ancient Sword Online is one of the few that you should keep a close eye on. The developers of the game showed up at E32017 earlier this year, which bodes good news if they're looking to bringing it over to the stateside. This game looks ten times better than it did last year! Due to popular demand, the fighting system also changed and is now leaning towards action combat.

Is it an MMORPG or MORPG!? Legend of the Ancient Sword Online is an MMORPG though there is a bit of catch because most of the zones feel tiny. In return, they're very detailed and beautifully designed with unique looking areas. As for the theme of the game, it's more of a fantasy oriental themed game due to the game's lore and special looking monsters. A nice touch, if you're looking for something different compared to Moonlight Blade's humanoid mobs.

Yup, this is now an action combat game! Most of the low-level enemies hints a telegraphed attack or a signal when they're going to strike. W, A, S, D to move the character around shift to dodge and the direction you want to go. Left Mouse button for Normal Attack and the Right Button is usually your special attack that uses MP or Stamina. I'm hoping that they would make the jump attacks more fluid and add some air combos, lol. I usually like to jump for no reason in my MMORPG's!

I'm enjoying the game so far, not really sure how interesting the end game is going to be. I'm going to be gradually uploading some videos of the game from time to time on my Youtube Channel, so check more of it out there. The game is still in Closed Beta, so getting in the test will require a beta key from Chinese sites or events. I may write a review on it once the beta ends or the game is out. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the videos that I'll be uploading here and there!

Game Site: http://gjol.yy.com/