Caravan Stories New Gameplay and Screenshots From Latest Livestream

caravan main

I've been keeping a close eye on the upcoming cross-platform Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories for PC, Android, and iOS. The developers recently did a livestream session showing off the game that you can check out here. There was a lot of talking, so I did some quick editing and highlighted most of the gameplay footage into one video below for those that don't have two hours to spare. 

I really like the graphics and art the direction of the game even though some people say that it feels outdated. From what I have seen so far, it looks like the game will feature some kind of Pokemon and party system where you can recruit various monsters or NPCs. The game will have six playable main characters which are Human, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Gesshi, and Lizardmen. Players that participated in the local test were only able to select Humans. It looks like each race will have different starting points which is nice.


Mainly being a smartphone game, Caravan Stories is going to have a system where players can tap a mission or quest and they will auto-run to the desired destination making it easier to pick up for new gamers. Expect to see a lot of AUTO from the latest screenshots and gameplay videos.


As you progress through the story and random field adventures you will meet and recruit all kinds of NPCs and monsters. You can then form various party setups with each one to suit your style. Oh gosh, I see rarity symbols... I wonder if this game is going to have a Gacha system with super rare characters?! At around 07:26 you can see that players can obtain various monsters on the field.


When you're in combat the other characters in your party will attack automatically. You can set the AI to auto activate skills or you can manually activate them on your own by tapping it, while some skills require you to tap the skill and drag it out on the field. Hmmm, to be honest the combat doesn't really look all that exciting since it looks full-auto from the battle videos shown at 04:29 in the video I posted. I think they're trying to keep it simple, but it would be nice if they added some stuff like team combos or hidden combos with characters activating skills at the same time.





After playing the game for about 30-40 minutes players will finally get their own Caravan that will follow you around. You can fully customize this Caravan from both inside and outside. It's like a portable house where you can manage your items, craft, collect, and more.






It seems like not a whole lot of people reached the main city area where they can meet the other players. Looking at the latest stuff they shown on the livestream and other media sites, the game mostly feels like a casual RPG for now and not really MMORPG'ish. Hopefully, they reveal some MMO features soon or even better an Alpha or Closed Beta XD! Have a nice weekend~!

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