Blade & Soul Maestro Gunner Job Now Playable on Korean Test Server

maestro skills

NCSoft Korea just released the new Maestro (Shooter) job in the Korean Test servers and I recorded my first 15 minutes of training. Not really sure what to call this job since it has so many names now such as Shooter, Gunslinger, Gunner, and Maestro. Anyhow, the job seems to be very dependent on ping which is very unfortunate for foreigners like me. No machine gun mode like KFM. Maestro has a Light and Dark Bullet stance, each one has their own unique normal attack animations and combos. I'm going to go back to testing the job now, just wanted to give ya guys a heads up.

Having not played B&S KR in a long time, I was confused on how to download and play on the test servers. If you happen to have a Korean NCSoft account or have a friend with one that you can borrow, you can download the test server by downloading the main NCLauncher on the site. Once you load the launcher, click on the Blade & Soul Tab on the launcher. On the bottom right there should be a drop-down box next to the big Game Start button. Here you can select Live vs Test server, select the one on the bottom and start your download for the test server.

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