A Brief Look at the New Kingdom Under Fire 2

kuf2 alive

Kingdom Under Fire II probably disappeared off your radar a couple of times or you have completely forgotten about the game over the past few years. Some of you may have even tried the English SEA version which I heard is a ghost game as of late! Curious as to how the game looks today, I decided to take the Chinese version of the game for a spin. I've prepared a handful of gameplay videos for your viewing experience below.

New things here and there along with a brand new prologue catered to this version. It's been a super long time since I last tested the SEA version so everything is a bit hazy. I've only got some low-level gameplay videos so it may not seem all that interesting. I heard the game picks up later on with raid and extreme missions.

If there are enough people interested in seeing some higher level content, I might level up some more and check it out. If not, it's time to move on to the next gaming adventure XD! There is another new job coming out that I'm interested in trying out so I'll probably make a gameplay video of that character when it comes out. If I end up liking that character, I might check out the end game then!

Character Customization

Game Site: http://kuf2.changyou.com/