Moonlight Blade Flying in Ultra 4k Resolution

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A couple of years has passed since I've last touched the Chinese version of Moonlight Blade and the game still looks amazing. I've been meaning to check out the flying system that was released awhile back, so I ended up returning to the game last week. It's fairly easy to level up in this game now so I didn't really have much of problem questing to 50 for the flying skill.

All of the playable characters have their own unique flying skill animations so they're bound to look unique. FYI, flying in this game is temporary and you can't fly around indefinitely unless you chug special pots...? The Korean version is around the corner and I was thinking of trying that one out just to see how well the game is localized. I'm thinking of doing a Puppet Master flying video sometime though it takes awhile to edit the videos for the special areas and scenery shots.

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