Ragnarok Online Mobile Grinding Adventures

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Ragnarok Online Mobile has been eating up a lot of my time lately and I'm enjoying the game a lot so far, even though it's very buggy and the servers are being poopy. My old RO gaming addiction kicked in, so I set the other games to test aside for now. I'm mostly focusing on my Priest character, feel free to bug or send me random messages on STEPARU, usernames are case sensitive. I've posted some of my grinding experience below along with some other information.

The Stamina System!

The best tip I can give you guys is to save up enough Zeny and immediately purchase the VIP ticket in the Auction House! This will increase your maximum "grinding" stamina from 300 to 400 along with other benefits. Stamina only goes up when you're fighting monsters in combat. If you want to level up fast, it's best to GRIND to 500-550 Stamina with VIP upon logging in before doing all your other quests such as story quest, board quest, main story. You seriously don't need to waste stamina killing 25 monsters for a quest and it's not very efficient on your Stamina bar. The EXP dies around 550, you can grind to 600 if you wish~! You can still receive full rewards from your all your quests including the board ones even if you go over the 400 Stamina limit.

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Board Questing!

The most efficient way to quest in my opinion is to save everything for last after you've used up all of your Stamina. Only then you can start on your normal, story, crack quests, etc. Board quests are usually saved last because the amount of EXP you earn from these quests are based on your level. You can also change "servers or channels" if you want to refresh your board quests. For example, you have to buy something in the Auction House, but it's broken or you're too poor. Just go to a different channel and get new board quests there. However, it doesn't reset your daily board Quest Limit Cap, you'll have to wait until your Stamina resets until you can do new board quests again, no way to cheese that one. It's also safe to abandon a board quest and pick up another one. Just in case you want to focus on talking, picture, or objective quests instead of the usual kill 25 mobs or collect items. You can change servers or channels by talking to the North NPC in Izlude.

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5x EXP and Chain Grinding

There is a 5x EXP located in every town and they will give you a quest where you can earn boosted EXP. These quests refresh twice a day and can be saved up to 6 times. Example, you were busy IRL and couldn't play today or did other things in the game. Your 5x EXP quests carry on over to the next day, so you'll be able to pick up 4 instead of the usual 2 the following day. I usually just use my 5x since I'm horrible at saving stuff. However, due note that the threshold amount of boosted EXP you can get from accepting these quests are also based on your level! You better not pick it up if you're close to leveling up or something, get that level up first and then pick up the quest for the tiny bit more EXP on your 5x quest.

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There is a special NPC in Prontera that sells a chain for 50,000 Zeny. It's a good item to use if you want to burn through your Stamina faster and don't want to spend the whole day grinding. It also doubles your drop rate. For example, the monster you killed dropped a piece of armor. If you pick up that armor, you will get TWO of it, instead of one. Double drop rate FEVER! The chain item stops working once you've reached your Stamina Cap 300 for non-vip and 400 for VIP. I found myself using this item often at level 52 and above. VIP users have no usage limit on the chain item while non-VIP users can only use it 4 times a week, I think. Another reason to get the VIP ticket ASAP. There are also story teller quests, but that should be self-explanatory given you've spent two real-life days in the game already. They are a good source of EXP and should be done ASAP!

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My Daily Quest Routine!

The leveling pace slows down a ton around 52 to a point where the order of quests doesn't matter as much. My day usually consists of logging in picking up the 5x quests and chugging EXP and item drop rate chain. From there, I manual grind in Pyramid B1 to 550 or 600 Stamina with VIP ticket. After that, I focus on all my other quests if there are any available. My stamina would probably then shoot up to 700 by now. I will continue towards board quests next followed by rift or crack quest. I haven't tried the endless tower yet XD scaredy cat mode. It usually takes me 12 hours or more to do everything with the servers being poopy thus no time to write news lately! Uhh once everything is done......... I can finally go AFK grind in Payon Caves or something and focus on other games to play. Which is why my Stamina usually reaches over 1,000! Phew, that's a lot of grinding!

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Game Site: http://ro.xd.com/