Lineage Eternal's Character System Explained


Apparently, there is a bit of confusion surrounding Lineage Eternal's multiple character system. Instead of rolling around in bed all day, I decided to write a little short article pertaining the character system and how it works below! Just a little warning, NCSoft may make changes to how this multiple character system works in the future, which may render all information below invalid!

Lineage Eternal is an MMORPG where a player must train and level up multiple characters through the Eternal Team system. You have to gear up each hero or character with various weapons and gear. The game has certain areas where you can control one character at a time while some areas have you controlling an Eternal team! Not to confuse you guys, but character, eternal hero, heroes, are all the same.

Open World / Field Events/ Normal Quests (Switch System)

You can only control ONE character at a time when you're out on the field and open world areas. You can also tag-out between your characters via F1-F4 keys. It's a very useful feature when your HP becomes low or you simply want to spam your skill cooldowns by cycling through your heroes. You aren't limited to playing just four Eternal Heroes! If you're not satisfied with the Eternal Heroes equipped on your F1-F4 slot, you can swap those out for new heroes by visiting the Eternal menu, as long as you've unlocked them.

Your character's look doesn't change or alter in any way when you equip different armors, but you're able to change the way they look through skins and costumes in the Eternal Menu. Weapons can also slightly change the look of your character as it's not restricted to cosmetics like armor. It's a good thing that some of the characters share the same gear. For example, you can transfer your Tanker's Plate Armor set to a newly unlocked Damage Dealer as long as that character is proficient with the plate armor set! Even with all that, I believe that the game is going to be insanely grindy, especially with the enchanting system!

The playable characters of the game are restricted to six unique skills which also includes their normal attack. Players can enhance a skill or change the way it completely works by equipping gems on it. For example, you can equip a gem on a skill and it will have a wider AoE, equip a different gem on that same skill and it will become a whole new different skill! You can freely equip and remove gems to change specs for various builds depending on the environment be it PvE or PvP. The game also has a special Eternal Skill system similar to League of Legend's Summoner Spells, lol.

Party Dungeons (Switch System)

It's party time! Just like in the open field, you can only control ONE character at a time. The dungeons in this game felt really easy because of the whole tag-out system. It didn't feel all that special since they used recycled field bosses and monsters. Yes, you can still tag out using the F1-F4 keys. Just make sure you swap characters out before they die or else you would have to waste it on a self-reviving item. If you skip to the end of my Baphomet video, you'll notice that the boss can instant kill a non-tanky player.

Tower of Insolence (Solo) (Multi-Character System)

The Tower of Insolence is a SOLO dungeon, where you control an Eternal Team! This is a dungeon where you put all your grinded out characters to use. You can move one character at a time while YOUR other three characters are NPC controlled. You can still swap between your characters using the F1-F4 keys. If one of your heroes dies in this dungeon, it will auto-add another hero on your bench to your F1-F4 slot until you're all out of heroes. Once your whole Eternal Team dies, you game over and get spit out of the dungeon. Oh right, I was supposed to keep this short, see ya!

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