Black Desert Online Dark Knight Thoughts So Far


I spent most of my weekend returning back to the Korean version of Black Desert Online. I was only going to stop by to create a short gameplay preview of the job, but after shortly reaching level 50, I noticed that I was severely lacking a lot of skill points due to the EXP boost event. I ended up leveling my Dark Knight to 56 and slowly started to like the lackluster class.

The Dark Knight is not amazing as people had hoped and hyped up for, though I heard she's going to get buffed later this week. Even then, after 56 levels of grinding, I felt like the Dark Knight didn't have any special distinctive qualities compared to other playable characters. If you're a new player, it might look great, but if you're an old player, you'll notice that some of the skills are from other classes or it has that feeling. A lot of people are actually trying and playing the Dark Knight, I've been camping the Auction House for days trying to buy a good main and sub weapon. Everything always sells out so fast! The class didn't feel too weak nor too strong. I was able to grind to 56 easily with 130 AP, which is nothing now in the Korean version because everyone is around 220AP and up, lol. 

She probably won't get an awakening weapon anytime soon, but I'm a bit curious as to what it will be. I'm going to stick around a bit longer and see how it fares from here on out, I've been slowly gearing my Dark Knight with +18 weapon and random since it's fairly easy to make money and farm with the current events going on. I probably won't go the hardcore grind 24/7 route like when it first came out in South Korea. I've got a busy schedule and other games lined up!

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