Lineage 2: Revolution Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Gameplay Preview


Netmarble Korea just released Lineage 2: Revolution the other day and I've been testing it out. At first, I thought it was going to be another dungeon crawler mobile game like Nexon's HIT or Gamevil's Devilian, but as it turns out, it's really an MMORPG! You can progress through your main quests in large open areas, do side missions, a ton of questing, and more all out on big open areas with other players.

The game looks really good because of the whole Unreal Engine 4 thing! There are moments when my Nvidia Shield K1 has trouble keeping up, especially in areas with a hundred players and over The one thing that might get people to hate or like the game is the auto system. Lineage 2: Revolution pretty much lets you auto-play through everything given you're geared enough for it. A simple tap on your "main quest" text and it will auto-run to it and complete it for you. I find it very useful since I'm often testing other games, this way, I can play games on PC and tablet at the same time, lol. Aside from all the open world features, the game also offers instanced dungeons, party system, guild war, pvp, sieges, a ton of jobs and advancements, auction house, tower of insolence, and more.

It wouldn't be a Lineage game without a PK system, right? Not being able to read Korean fully well, I'm now running around with a bright red character name I must have PK'ed someone or a lot of people while I was grinding asleep or something?! I'm determined to play the game a bit more, but also sad about the fact that reaching the top ten is out of the picture. Why? It's a Lineage game and they've got big whales from the Lineage series, it makes BDO whales look like they have chump change in South Korea. Lineage 2: Revolution also has like 10+ packages... similar to all other mobile games which boost the player to become stronger faster. I'll be honest, I bought two packages so far, a level up rewards package and some other one! I still feel a bit weak, guess I gotta play more, I mean auto more.

The prologue trailer above features English dub so there is a chance that Netmarble might launch the game in other areas like the popular Korean mobile game Seven Knights. Would I recommend the game? Yeah, definitely! I'm liking the game so far that I'll probably post a lot more gameplay videos. Just be warned, the game has a ton of features that might be overwhelming for someone who can't read Korean or has never played a mobile game before. I'm a level away from advancing to my next job, so I'll probably end up posting a video of that later this week along with party dungeons or raids.

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