Durango Prehistoric Survival MMORPG Gameplay


I've been skipping out on testing Durango for quite awhile now because it didn't really look all that interesting from a viewers point of view. After finally picking the game up and trying it out, I shortly became addicted! Just doing a quick write-up before the English beta starts next week, you can still sign-up if you think this game is right up your alley.

Your journey starts on a train and all of a sudden random anomalies are popping up everywhere similar to the TV show Primeval. Eventually, your train crashes and you wake up in an unknown land in the Prehistoric era. Now you must survive and not get eaten by random monsters like me in the video below. The game naturally feels slow because it's a survival game and you start from scratch. It's also an MMORPG so you're bound to run into a lot of players! However, it doesn't offer one big seamless world. You're going to have to travel from one area to another via rafts and island hopping. The thing that attracted me to the game the most was the in-depth crafting, building, and skill point system. There was a lot of ways to distribute skill points and players must plan wisely on where to invest their skills. You gotta craft some work tools, build a hut, workbench, gather materials, train your combat, and more.

The first few areas didn't really have any aggressive monsters, but in the later areas and civilizations, you will run into scary monsters and dinosaurs. It wouldn't be much of a survival game if it didn't have any death penalties right? You can lose a bunch of items on death, I've lost up to twenty-six items on one death! You can ask a stranger to help you out by resuscitating you or they can just watch you bleed out and take your stuff, lol. Anyway, I might upload a couple more videos since I'm liking it so far. I'll keep ya guys posted! I wish the game was more optimized seeing the game runs at 60FPS during the prologue event. Durango seems like a type of game that would also be enjoyable if it was available on PC.

Game Site: http://durango.nexon.com/En