Twilight Spirits Online Action MORPG First Impression


There was a ton of hype floating around NetEase's upcoming Action MORPG Twilight Spirits Online, but most of it had died down after the previous test. Testing the game out myself, it's a very pretty looking game that has nothing new to offer. It's an instanced MORPG it gets very repetitive quickly. No special customization with characters or skills and a gender locked system can be a big turn-off for some picky players.

A lot of my viewers mentioned that the game also ripped off content and assets from other games such as Bayonetta and Sengoku Basara. The game was decent, but not that interesting enough to play for long hours. I'd get bored and log off after an hour or two's worth of playtime, it just didn't have that hook that keeps players interested. Maybe it's just me, or I've played way too many games similar to this.

I actually had a lot more gameplay videos other than the ones shown here, but my hard drive exploded the other day so I lost a lot of Twilight Spirits gameplay including transformation and special super attacks. The PvP was pretty cool though not very lag friendly towards Foreigners. It reminded me of the good old Continent of the Ninth days, a once very popular Action MORPG, lol. Would I suggest this game? Hmm... if you've got nothing else new to try out, go for it! Otherwise, I would just skip it unless you're in the mood to try out a game for a couple of days and get bored. Then again, this is just a Closed Beta preview so things may change in the future...?

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