Black Desert Online Dark Elf & Kamisilvia


The Japanese version of Black Desert Online recently streamed some upcoming content for their version. Although most of the information is the same from what I posted months ago, there's a bunch of new artwork and a tiny bit more information below. The stream covered a lot of things, but I'm focused more on Dark Elf. If you need a little recap or forgot what it was all about then continue on below.

One of the biggest upcoming update for Black Desert Online is the new playable Dark Elf which comes from Kamasilvia region. The female Dark Elf is an agile character that wields a large long sword or long blade for those that prefer that term. She can also use dark magic from a distance that helps close gaps between herself and her target, players can create strategic advantages by linking skill combos. Her skill animation is supposed to be very cool looking like the character itself in the image below.


The Dark Elf and Kamisilvia story are split up into three different parts that which introduces a conflict between the two clans and another special region. The Kamasilvia region offers wide rich green fields, deep forests, and jungles! I wanted Snow regions, but I guess Elves and snow areas doesn't work well? You can see some artwork and screenshots of the new areas below.


There is an on-going conflict between "Ganeru" and "Vediru" the two Elf races. They both play a large role in the upcoming story for Black Desert Online. As I mention earlier, the story and update are split into three different parts. At first, they will introduce the introduction story. In Part 2, players will be able to see Ganeru's Elf side, while Part 3 revolves around Vediru the Dark Elf.


That sums up most of it! December is just around the corner and the Korean version of Black Desert was supposed to get Dark Elf this year, but from such a short time, I wonder if they will make it? A lot of green in the new regions, I wonder if they're also going to ninja introduce Legolas the male ranger that disappeared from the earlier trailers of BDO, or hype up some female Giants Mabinogi style.









Other than the upcoming new playable character, I'm also looking forward to the large scale world sea boss monsters. The monsters look extremely big if you look at the ship comparison image below. It's almost like Shadow of Colossus level! I've always liked tackling big bosses. Now if they would make some land type world bosses this large in BDO and put their climbing system to use!



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