The War of Genesis 4 Online Gameplay


War of Genesis 4 Online adventures continue! I'm still on the fence on whether or not I should adventure further into the game. I like the card and character system and it reminds me of those old school RPG's where you can recruit a lot of characters to your team.

There is an English trailer, but no new information on any upcoming English versions yet, I think. The job change system is really interesting because you can copy and change job to any of the characters that you recruit in the game. For example, you found a legendary Gunner character. You will be able to change job into that character and learn the exact same skills that Gunner has. However, you won't be able to add that Legendary Gunner character to your team until you job change again.

I had a bit of trouble navigating through most of the quests and system since I can't really read Korean, but after spending a couple of days playing, it wasn't much of a big deal and manage to complete all of my main and sub quests in time. 

Developer: SOFTMAX
Publisher: SOFTMAX
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