Tera Queen of Argon Part 1

Warrior Changes - Stack System

Similar to bubble concept of WoW Rogue

Charging Stack Skills: Venemous Blade, Charging Slash, Death Fro Above, Rain of Blows, Rising Fury

Consuming Stack Point: Battle Cry and Wind Split (More Damage with more Stacks)


Reputation Quests & System

1. Reputation Quests are now available and will have a green exclamation mark sign shown below.
2. There are six available reputation quests that can be repeated daily in the new areas.
3. You can buy new accessories, equipment, and green crystals with reputation points.


New Items & Equipment

1. New 12 and 13 Grade Items.
2. Most of the new equipment are tradeable.
3. High tier gear can also be obtained from crafting.
4. You can only +12 Highest Grade Gears.
5. A lot of new items!!


More Items Here

Crystal System Changes

Earrings and Rings can now be slotted with a Green Crystal.


New Mounts

Mounts can be obtained from daily reputation quests, Dark Rift Monster Invasion, and through Achievements. Pictures of New Mounts Here.