ArcheAge Special Preview of Sailing

ssaEver wondered what kind of adventures lies ahead when you explore the oceans of ArcheAge Online? Look no further as Yukey and I venture out into the deep sea and explore the vast oceans of ArcheAge Online! I've recorded all of our adventures uncut right from the start, so that you will also be able to experience and grasp at how long it takes to travel from one continent to another using the speed boat.

The Expedition Part 1

Our original plan involved finding an island where we could settle down on, build a house and plant a lot of trees. But as we sailed deeper and deeper out in to the ocean, we finally decided to make the long trip to the Northern Continent. We set sail around the afternoon time in the game, it was still nice and bright outside. Upon entering the Lost Sea, everything suddenly became dark and gloomy. Ignoring the weather, we sailed forward nothing can stop us now!

Eventually, we discovered a new island that could have been a potentially nice place for us. That is until we found out that it wasn't much of a secret island to begin with, that island didn't suit my taste anyway. I would have preferred a bigger island with a wider space to plant my trees and such. The person who was previously planting trees on that island was a bit bummed out. Thinking that he finally found an island all to himself, only to find out that there were three other people who also arrived around at the same time. There was no need for us to stay here any longer, so we departed to the Dead Sea also known as the Silent Sea.

The Expedition Part 2

Now that we've finally arrived at the Silent Sea, we are sailing around the biggest ocean in ArcheAge Online, both of us were hyped up and ready for some action! Unfortunately, the only action we experienced was me falling overboard a couple of times. However we did enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery during our expedition, the sun had an amazing reflection on the ocean, it was really really really nice! Sailing through this ocean was really boring, eventually we stumbled upon a treasure island. From a distance we saw another person rowing their small boat to this island. So we decided to chat up with him, he told us that it took him at least thirty minutes or longer to reach the same island. I've got to hand it to him, he's got a lot of patience! If rowing that small boat takes thirty minutes, then I don't even want to fathom the thought of the distance it takes to swim from our home continent to here.

The Expedition Part 3