Zwei Online First Impressions

The world doesn't seem to be instanced so you will see other players running around in your area. As for instances, I believe the dungeons are instanced. Dungeons have different kinds of settings that you can adjust.If you happen to have a huge party, then you can tackle the dungeon in the hardest difficulty. I believe this game will be a cash shop game in the future, since they were giving out free costumes in CBT. My character is currently wearing a cowboy set, it's pretty ****'in ugly, where is my princess or maid uniform?

Mini Dungeon Questing

Zwei is pretty easy mode, you don't need to know or understand Korean at all. Don't hold yourself back from trying out this game. All you need to know is the stats and where to distribute your points, which google can help you with easily. Anyway, look forward for more gameplay videos this week! There are a lot of upcoming games this week so I might be busy testing those. If I manage to get hooked on this game, I will probably end up writing a CBT review on it.

Developer: Neon Soft
Game Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: