Peria Chronicles Interview and Features Explained


Peria Chronicles Online is one of the hottest upcoming sandbox MMORPG in the future and a lot of people have been asking me questions about the games unique system in detail. With that said, I decided to translate a recent interview that contains a lot of information! Hopefully, this interview fills in the gaps and holes that left you pondering about the system features. Check out the lengthy interview along with the recently released trailers for Peria Chronicles right below.

Q: What is Peria Chronicles development status?

A: The game was supposed to be in Closed Beta this month, but it we added a lot of new features so it's delayed next year.

Q: How much of the content is available for the game?

A: There are no fancy end game contents for Peria Chronicles like Siege Warfare because we want players to create their own content. The sandbox features of the game should keep everyone busy, especially the player made content.


Q: How big are the maps?

A: Each regions has their own maps and players can own the maps and they all link to each other.

Q: Is there limitation on map sizes?

A: There is a limitation on how large the maps players can own, but it won't be too small to play around with.

Q: Does it take long for a player to make their own town or village?

A: It doesn't take that long to create a landscape and buildings it's very easy. The most challenging part a player might face is the process of creating a big town because they must gather 300-500 players in one area.


Q: If players can create and develop their own content, are there any rules or policies for it?

A: If someone created a quest, like "Save the Princess." We will patch it in the game. A random adventurer can then accept that user created quest and earn gold from it. If they fail to complete the quest, the person that created the quest will earn gold from the user that purchased the quest. With this system, players don't need to farm and grind monsters alone to progress. The amount of content is determined by the community.

Q: There are a lot of players that are looking forward on creating content at the same time there are a lot of trolls who want to destroy user created content, what measures are taken to prevent this from happening?

A: Destroying user created content is not easy compared to creating it. For example, if a player created a bridge. The players working in that area must vote for it to be taken down. We know there are a lot of weird and crazy players out there, perhaps they will gather together in one crazy town. They are most likely going to fall behind in progression, because the more residents you have in a town the bigger it comes.