Black Desert Online Beta Preview Part 4


With only a day left in the beta, I decided to write another Black Desert Online preview before it ends. This won't be the last one just yet! I am planning on working on one more preview or review sometime this week or the next. Honestly, I have a lot of newly released and beta titles to test this week like Archlord 2, Core Masters, Icarus Online, and more. Unfortunately, I am currently addicted to Black Desert Online so those other games can for the time being. Moving on to the more important topic, follow me on my next Black Desert Online adventures below.

Leveling Up - What is the most efficient way?

While Black Desert shines and excels in a lot of other aspects, the questing system was a bit of a let down. I'm not sure if this system was intentional for the first beta, but completing quests wasn't worth the effort in terms of fast leveling and efficiency. I spent most of my time lately leveling up and preparing for the final guild battle scheduled to start later tonight. In short, I grinded from level 18-30 during the last few days. I will probably grind to 31 later today, definitely skipping out on the quests. The only quests worth doing were the ones that gave items such as main story quests. No fancy, event system like GW2 and FFXIV FATES. Mainstory quests are also given at certain levels. For example, I ran out of story quests and had to grind to 24 to get a new chain of quests. I'd also like to say that some quests give skill point and HP/MP potions, but BDO is one of those games where you get a ton of skill points per level. If anything, you can just go back and complete those quests when you're bored of grinding.

NPC Favor Points and Quests - Fame and Power!

I've done a lot of quests during the lower levels of the game and a lot of main story ones. Every now and then I stop grinding and complete a couple of quests here and there. Earlier, I stated that quests aren't worth it for speed leveling up because it gives little to no EXP. There are other reasons to complete quests, such as unlocking other quests and build up "Fame" which is then used to purchase special gear, items, mounts from NPC's. Players can unlock more quests from NPC's by interacting with that NPC using the "Points" system. Every 30 minutes you will obtain a special point that can be used to increase the likeness of certain NPC's. It may sound complicated, but it's pretty easy! Once an NPC has earned your full trust, they can aid you with more quests or give you a buff. Most of the NPC's are located in outposts, towns, villages, and etc. I have spent 150 of my fame points on buying boots that does not have durability, which is good for saving money. However, I should have just spent that fame on purchasing the Horse Mount which also costs 150 fame. I am at 122 fame now, so a couple more of quests to complete and I will have enough points to purchase it that is if I decide to continue questing.


NPC Night and Day System - Where did my skill trainer NPC GO!??!

Every now and then NPC's often disappear and reappear during certain hours in the game. The streets much more livelier in the afternoon. For example, in the screenshot below you can get a short glimpse of what the skill training area looks like during the day and night. What happens when your skill trainer NPC goes to bed? You will then have to find the other skill trainer NPC that appears during the night.



Level 30 - Now what!? PvP Button!?

Now that I finally got level 30, I am 10 levels away from the beta cap. I'm probably going to grind one more level in preparation for the last final guild battle before the beta ends. I've noticed that there is a new togglable ON/OFF button located on the upper right hand corner of the screen. I assume it popped up when I hit level 30, I will confirm it later with my other characters once the server goes up later tonight. The button should be self-explanatory, haven't used it yet other than clicking it once or twice. It's probably a button that flags you for PvP and such. I wonder if I can attack lower level players while I have it on? Perhaps I will test it later or next time.


Random Stuff - 200,000g MOUNT!

As I previously stated there are numerous ways to obtain a mount, but the best mount in the game at the moment costs 200,000g! Apparently some capitalism expert made a lot of gold in the game and bought it. You can check out the original Korean article at Inven Black Desert Forums. This horse is super fast, you can find a lot of videos of it in action if you click on the original link. Looks awesome, I really want one now! Here I thought, I was rich with 20k! As a foreigner, I find it very hard to make money so I decided to skip out on the whole trading system. Perhaps I will take a closer look at it in next beta and become the rich like the person below!


Mount Videos & Source:

Conclusion - The 2nd to the last day

I've noticed a lot of my viewers and readers complain about the "screen shake" effect when using certain skills. It doesn't bother me much, but I suppose it stands out a lot more when watching someone else play. Pearl Abyss should definitely add a feature to turn it off in the future, a bit similar on how you can turn off Blade & Soul's camera activated skills. Been experimenting around with all the other characters, I only have one class left to try out. I love my Archer! There are a lot of things to do in the game, but I am no in a rush to get them all done. Depending on how big Black Desert becomes, there are going to be a lot of NA and EU players jumping in on the KR version when OBT arrives similar to ArcheAge. The game currently does not have an IP block, let's hope they keep it that way for now. Would be nice if the game were to hit Open Beta this year, but with the amount of bugs I am seeing, I don't think that is happening any time soon.