[Hi2009] Continent of the Ninth

c9mainHangame Invitational 2009 - Continent of the Ninth news just for you!  The latest trailer of Continent of the Ninth here along with new information about one of the many upcoming crazy games of HanGame.  C9 has been in production ever since 2006 which is almost 3 years.  Closed Beta testing for this game will be in the early half of this year.



Are you ready?

Official Trailer 03 HGI2009

C9 will feature a lot of things like a full 3d world with realistic detailed scenes, smart artificial intelligence for monsters.  Monsters are able to adapt to a players actions giving them superior AI.  Some dungeons may require you to go through a bunch of gadgets and puzzles carrying boxes, throwing items, and building things to get through.

Official Trailer 02

Monster AI are smart enough to help each other if they see you from far away attacking their own kind.  They also have hearing AI so if they hear you approaching from far away or from jumping down area to area they will come at you.

Official Trailer 01

Depending on your party setup stages will be harder for your group to clear.  The average dungeon run time would be around 20-30 minutes to complete.  There are a total of three difficulties for dungeons and they are Normal, Hard, and Expert.  The max person you can have in your party at the moment is five people.


Shocking Graphics!


Huge Bosses!

C9 will have a guild system and the items and equipment will have a similar setup as those you see in Diablo2 games.  Crafting, Blacksmithing, and other trading skills will be available.  There are a total of three jobs and they are Warrior, Hunter, and Mage but there will also be two more jobs being released.  I am not sure if they are advance jobs or just new jobs sorry!  Keeping those jobs in mind there will be a total of two to three races for now, but in the final release there will be total of seven races.


Dismember that Skeleton!

wp01 wp02

Nice Wallpapers!

Field Environment will change depending on the time of the day dusk, dawn, night, morning, and etc.  Not only the lightning of some maps weather will also change giving it a more realistic feel.  Shadows of trees monsters will change to the right angle almost down to every single detail.


Lot's of baddies to bash!

There will also be PvP in the game so those of you who want to PK hell yes!  C9 will be a mix of MMO and MO so it hard to say what kind of game it will be.  Not like it matters anyway since the game is just pure ownage from all the media I am seeing!  I have more other Hangame 2009 Invitational Games to cover so hope you enjoyed the C9 part!


Developer: NHN / Hangame
Game Publisher: http://www.hangame.com/
Game Site: http://c9.hangame.com/