Mystic Fighter Online Trailer

DadamGame and Tencent Games just released a new trailer for Mystic Fighter China! Mystic Fighter is one of the more hot upcoming sidescrolling 2D games in South Korea at the moment mainly because players are looking for a new kind of Dungeon and Fighter fix. Though North America is the one that actually needs this game the most because of Nexon Dungeon Fighter closing down. I've listed the latest gameplay trailer below along with some of the older ones, just incase you have missed it. The 2nd Closed Beta should start soon in South Korea come find out more details below.

If everything goes as planned in South Korea, Netmarble and DadamGame's second Closed Beta Test for this game should start next month followed by the Open Beta Test on July 2013. The game already has a bunch of classes ready for the next test and best of all the company developing this game is aiming to create a widescreen HD experience for Mystic Fighter Online.

Developer: DadamGame
Publisher: Netmarble Korea | Tencent Games
Game Site: |