Guess How Many Different Versions of Blade & Soul Exist

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Are you a Blade & Soul fanatic? Can you guess how many different versions of Blade & Soul exist? If you can't, that's okay because there are actually a lot and I've listed them all below. Some of the games are already released while some are still currently in development or in limbo status. Be one of the first to discover the existing Blade & Soul games and the future upcoming ones.

Starting with the original PC version of Blade & Soul Online game developed by NCSoft and Team Bloodlust. The game picked up popularity around the world and was published and localized in many different languages. Fun fact, I enjoyed B&S so much that I had multiple max level character in the Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English versions of the game.

Did you know there was a browser-based isometric version of Blade & Soul Online around? That would be Blade & Soul Hongmoon Rising published by Tencent, the same publisher that localized the Chinese version of Blade & Soul in China. Chinese people really love their web games, so it was only a matter of time. I actually tried it out and it was kind of weird... see for yourself in the video above.

Blade & Soul the Mobile Card RPG published by Tencent came out a couple of years ago and it's still alive! I played this one a lot when it was first released, but I couldn't really keep up with the VIP users and whales so I ended up retiring. The game is super cute and it's nice to see my favorite characters all chibified. Your mail doesn't expire in this game, so you can come back anytime and collect a bunch of free cash gems. Perhaps I should return!?

Netmarble recently revealed their own version of Blade & Soul for the mobile device powered by the Unreal Engine 4. Blade & Soul Revolution is one of those games that I'm eagerly waiting to try out. After watching some of the floor demos, it clearly showed a lot of auto-play and questing at the start, I hope they tone it down. Then again, all the fun in the original version was mostly in the Arena PvP and dungeons. At least, the 30vs30 system looked interesting! Still gonna try it out no matter what since I'm a true B&S junkie. I'll be really sad if the PvP turns out to be a credit card battle.

Blade & Soul Table Arena is an upcoming VR game that is currently being developed by NCSoft. They haven't announced anything new about this title yet, so here I am wondering if the project is in limbo while they work on their other games shown below. The game itself didn't look that bad, I'd play it even if it wasn't in VR or maybe that's my B&S heart speaking.

NCSoft teased Blade & Soul 2 earlier this month and it's coming out in 2018 targeting the, wait for it.... mobile device. NCSoft Korea has already finished the developing B&S2 and they're hoping to release this upcoming new mobile MMORPG soon. Now that Netmarble revealed their own version, NCSoft may do more tweaks to make their version more popular? Have to wait and find out which version of B&S will people end up flocking to. Wouldn't be surprise for counter-attack delays.

A console version of Blade & Soul is also under development. Unfortunately, no new videos or screenshots are available just yet so you'll have to go with my Meow video above. The reveal was made earlier this year so the information around this port is fairly scarce. Will it be similar to the PC version or a whole new version that targets console players. Be patient meow~

bns lyn

Blade & Soul Lyn's Adventure was supposed to be an upcoming mobile game that was being developed to target the Japanese audience. The game was announced back a few years ago, but I think the game is in limbo now or they decided to give up on it. The mobile gaming market was huge in Japan a few years ago and now the mobile craze exploded in Korea and other Countries, so this project might have been halted.

bns m placeholder

Blade & Soul M is another mobile version currently being developed by NCSoft and is led by the team who worked on the original version of the game. Not much information has been revealed yet nor the progress of the game. NCSoft is likely to release Blade & Soul 2 first before this one.

Ninja Editing this article to finally add a 10th game which is Blade & Soul Toy Run, a random mini-game from NCSoft where you can win random swag and prizes in South Korea. What do you think will be the 11th game!? Perhaps they're gonna start working on Blade & Soul 3 for PC, since they're already done with Blade & Soul 2. NCSoft you gotta keep those PC users around, don't go full mobile like Netmarble!

1. Blade & Soul (Global)
2. Blade & Soul Hongmoon Rising (China)
3. Blade & Soul Card RPG (China)
4. Blade & Soul Revolution (Korea)
5. Blade & Soul Table Arena (USA)
6. Blade & Soul 2 (Korea)
7. Blade & Soul Console (Global)
8. Blade & Soul Lyn's Adventure (Japan)
9. Blade & Soul M (Korea)
10. Blade & Soul Toy Run