Lord of Vermilion Arena Returns and Goes Through A Huge Remake

lova revive

Square Enix Japan's PC Lord of Vermilion Arena ended up shutting down last year only to come back later this year as a whole new MOBA! Personally, I'm not fond of the whole remake changes that the game has gone through. I actually would have preferred if they kept the original version with the 3D models and more actiony gameplay, now it just like any other MOBA.

They retained some of the LOVA aspects where you can summon units and have them follow you around. The card system is still the same which is nice, except you don't get to customize your own character this time around. You have to play one of the many fixed heroes of the game. Each one has their own skill. For example, I often like to use the Melee Werewolf guy shown in the video above, his active skill is a short dash. This Hero character is really good with Physical melee card/summons.

The game is in Chinese, but the voices were both in Chinese and Japanese. I posted a gameplay of the old version below so you can compare between the two. Some of the collaboration characters were still around from games such as Fantasy Earth Zero and Valkyrie Profile series. I'm really not digging this whole new style, I miss and want the old version! Closed Beta ended last month, so you'll have to wait for the next. That is if you're willing to try out this version.

Before Remake

Game Site: http://lova.9you.com