Forever 7th Capital an Anime Action RPG with a Strange Stamina System


I was lucky to sneak in the beta phase for Forever 7th Capital earlier last month. You might have seen a couple of my gameplay videos floating about from my Youtube channel. Anyhow, this game has a very strange concept when it comes to the Stamina system. The game ends in 7 days real life time and you can only refresh your stamina at the start of a new day in real life.

Entering dungeons, occupying bases, building structers, and all that stuff uses up Stamina. Once you're out Stam, you gotta do other things in the game such as craft items and multiplayer dungeon grinding. Perhaps they will add some kind of PvP or MOBA like PvP in the future? After 7 days of real-life time of refreshing stamina, you gotta fight some boss that destroys the whole capital, thus the funky badly translated game title by me. I ended up dying instead of beating the final boss, since my units were weak. The game restarts all over again from the 1st day. Similar to New Game+ in classic RPG's except you keep all of your Gacha characters and items this time around. I wanted to play more, but the beta ended rather short.

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