Dragon Nest 2 Legend Closed Beta Preview


Dragon Nest 2 Legend's 1st Closed Beta started earlier today and I spent some time testing the game out for fun. Oh boy, a lot of people aren't fond of the 2nd installment of Dragon Nest because it's for the mobile device. I was going to stop the preview right after the tutorial, but I wanted to give the game a chance so I ended up leveling my character to 26! Does the new Dragon Nest game have anything special to offer?! Read on!

I felt like the game was severely lacking in terms of graphics even with max settings, the game felt a little bit dated. At least the combat is fun to a certain extent because of the whole parry system where you can perfectly block attacks by hitting the guard button at the right moment. There is also a skill bar combo system where you can setup a whole bunch of skills after another and play a small mini-game. Overall the combat has a lot of mechanics that require timing which was nice. Although that shouldn't really matter much when once you get OP weapons from the Gacha XD!

It's a dungeon crawling action RPG so it can get repetitive fairly quick and it has auto-play if you're lazy af. I'm interested in playing a little bit more just to beat the story and hit the level cap since I rolled a decent weapon shown in the video above. If there is enough interest, I might check out the other two playable characters or you can just try it out yourself. Players don't need to sign up for this beta and should be able to participate in the test as long as they have a Korean Google Play account or get the game via APK download from trusted sites! I ended up playing the game most the night and it's like 4:00 am now, so I'm going to pass out or something. The game is okay, not exactly a type of game that I would go around recommending since there are a ton of games similar to this genre. I must have gotten spoiled by all the other UE3-4 games on mobile >_<!

Game Site: http://dn2.nexon.com/