Final Blade NCSoft's New Oriental Fantasy RPG

final blade release

NCSoft's oriental fantasy themed mobile RPG Final Blade was released yesterday. One of the nice features of this game is that it lets players pick up Gacha currency during stages. Every time a player kills a monster a random blue or red floating spirit will appear, the player must then tap that spirit to obtain game currency used for rolling the character Gacha.

You can auto-play through stages, but you'll miss out on picking up the cash currency items. However, there is a catch! If you purchase the monthly 9$ VIP system, you will get a pet that will loot the blue and red spirits for free $_$. I wish I had found out about this sooner, since I'm mostly auto-playing through the stages, lol. The game is decent enough to play for a bit, so I dunked 9 bucks into the 30 day VIP since that pet is super useful and it gives other bonuses. Hmm, some other stuff worth mentioning is that it uses an enchanting and combining system similar to Seven Knights as seen 01:18 in the video. The nice thing about combining units is that you don't need to have them both leveled up, just enchanted to the max level.

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