Sephiroth vs Cloud in Mobius Final Fantasy

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The 2nd part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake event has begun in the Japanese version of Mobius Final Fantasy! I spent most of yesterday playing through the new chapter and farming Magicite. I'm glad that the Limit Break counter for Draw Summon didn't reset as I was able to earn enough Magicite and tickets to finish the 8th summon for a guaranteed Sephiroth(WoL) as a free-to-play user in the JP version.

I've actually never done an 8x Draw's before until this event XD! I somehow managed to get my first Legendary Ability card on that last draw, which gave me some more motivation to grind a bit. I'll probably make a Sephiroth montage later this week? I'm not sure. I need to finish leveling up his ability cards and expand skills. They gave away a free Dissidia Sephiroth Ability card which is super OP and I instantly used my tickets on it. Other than that, I'm back to farming endless Magicite to save up for an FF6 event, if it ever comes. I want my Tina/Terra for Meia with Trance Overdrive! I took some snapshots of Sephiroth below that you can use for your thumbnails or whatever. Cloud got destroyed, I need to wait for the next area for Part 2. My Sephi seems a bit weak compared to Cloud's 9+3 Job.

ff7 jobs in mobius

sephihot hd

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