Master X Master Global Test Gameplay Preview


Yup, I disappeared again! I was busy testing the global test of Master X Master though the game is only available for the Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese users at the moment. The test is still going strong, but I wanted to take a bit of a break and post some new gameplay videos below. It looks like they added more characters from Aion, Lineage II, and a new character from Guild Wars 2.

If it's your first time here and you're like wondering what the heck is MXM?! Uhh, it's a new MOBA by NCSoft that features characters from all of their games along with having its own exclusive playable characters. MOBA?! Yeah, I know most of you guys are probably tired of em, but this game is pretty cool because of the unique tag system where you play two characters. Players use the WASD keys to move their characters around with an awesome free aiming attack system for normal attacks and skills. The free aiming system is really nice because certain Masters will require players to predict and fire ahead of where they think the enemy will run or evade. There is no lock on system with auto attacks so no cheesy mode. In short, you can probably juke your enemy player and take the advantage of the WASD movement in 1v1 or 1v3 situations. Certain characters also have a dodge or shield key. However, there is a dodge or stamina bar so at most you'll only be able to use it once during combat until it regens back to full.

The game does have a decent amount of PvE content like in the gameplay video above and below featuring dungeons from Lineage 2 and Blade & Soul. What are dungeons for? You don't buy gear during PvP matches, instead you gear up for them in the PvE part of the game. Huh? Does that mean OP later?! I suppose players that farm can be really OP later, though the weapon upgrade system caps at a certain level. The only thing to worry about is players with super crazy runes, which are enhancements. Each character can equip a set amount of runes that boosts their stats. Runes and weapons doesn't have any effect during Normal Mode Matches. However, the weapon and rune page is Active only in Ranked Matches and PvE part of the game. Don't queue for rank, unless you're farmed!

The game currently has 3 main PvP modes. Arena Team Death Match, Titan Mode, and Capture the Point with each one having their own ranked section. I was mostly farming the TDM Arena mode since it's fast and I didn't have to deal with other players not going for the right objectives in the Titan Mode. The Titan Mode is the main MOBA core of Master X Master where players take control of certain points of the map. The players can win by reaching the maximum points or destroy the enemy base. Titan mode is very objective based so players that go for the objectives can turn the game around easily.

Master X Master has a ton of playable characters so far and it's great! It looks like it's already nearing completion, so perhaps the Open Beta or official release is just around the corner. The official English translation of the game seems to be going smoothly though there are still minor translations and errors here and there. I was able to change my games default language from Japanese to English by renaming the folders in the game directory. The voices are still in Japanese, but that's okay, some people prefer it that way!

Getting back to the MXM gaming topic. Yes, you do play two characters at once. However, if one of them happens to reach 0 health, then both character dies. There is also a cooldown when switching between characters, so ideally you don't want to change characters right before jumping into a team fight or else your tag out button might not be ready. There is also an element system. Each character has a specific element color Red, Green, or Blue. Which means, some characters are stronger against each other regardless of their class as a support/healer/tanker/dealer/mascot etc.

I've always enjoyed playing this game and I do hope that it makes some waves when it comes out in NA/EU. I'll try to make more gameplay videos of other characters so keep an eye out for it in my SteparuTV Youtube Channel. Goodbye for now, going back to doing what I do best, playing more games!

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