Arknights Alpha Test Preview an Upcoming Anime TD Game


The Arknights Awakening Alpha test started last week and I was glad that I was able to sneak my way into the test. A lot of people didn't really expect a Tower Defense themed game judging from the art alone. The genre alone rarely appears in today's gaming market and is fairly rare! I had some fun with the Alpha test the music was great, clean UI, the art is amazing, and the maps gradually became a lot harder over time.

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Battleship Girls Let's Set Sail PvP Gameplay Take Down The Enemy Fleet

battleship girls

I just finished testing a really random new game today called Battleship Girls Let's Set Sail for PC. I saw a trailer for this game on a Chinese Youtube called Bilibili and was like huh?! This game looks somewhat interesting, might as well try it out! Jumped on over to the official website and as it turns out, I was able to create an account easily and play the game. What's the game about? Check out the new gameplay that I've just uploaded below. MVP'ed 2nd the match hoooooo~!

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Lord of Vermilion Arena Returns and Goes Through A Huge Remake

lova revive

Square Enix Japan's PC Lord of Vermilion Arena ended up shutting down last year only to come back later this year as a whole new MOBA! Personally, I'm not fond of the whole remake changes that the game has gone through. I actually would have preferred if they kept the original version with the 3D models and more actiony gameplay, now it just like any other MOBA.

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Sdorica: Sunset a Gameplay Preview of Rayark's Upcoming Cute Puzzle RPG

sdorica main

While looking for new games to test last night, I stumbled upon Rayark's upcoming cute puzzle RPG called Sdorica: Sunset. I believe the game has been in CBT for sometime now, but I've only just discovered it! Sdorica: Sunset isn't an overly complicated puzzle RPG and is surprisingly easy to pick up. It's one of those games that I would introduce to a friend who's never played games before or something. Check out my gameplay and character preview below and see if it's your type of game.

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Forever 7th Capital an Anime Action RPG with a Strange Stamina System


I was lucky to sneak in the beta phase for Forever 7th Capital earlier last month. You might have seen a couple of my gameplay videos floating about from my Youtube channel. Anyhow, this game has a very strange concept when it comes to the Stamina system. The game ends in 7 days real life time and you can only refresh your stamina at the start of a new day in real life.

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